WHY CHOOSE YOUR CUSTOMERS? What Shall It Profit You If You Get a Big Headache Everyday?

I know--lots of businesses would sell to anyone just for the profits. And they'd laugh off ideas about choosing who buys from your business. "Why choose your customers? You should sell to anyone who pays!" Perhaps, yes, but it depends on the nature of your business.

I teach martial arts as a physical workout and business. But I just do it on the side. I really don't care if no one enrolls. I'm particular about teaching only a few select. I don't want clients who'd just give me a big headache--it's not worth what they pay me.

I hate students who don't take the lessons seriously (just there to brag about being enrolled in a martial arts class), who don't give enough effort, who don't want to get hurt but wants to become an expert, or who do nothing but take rests during sessions. I mean, what are they doing in my class? "I didn't ask you to be here."

Noticed my last phrase? "I didn't ask you to be here." I need to be able to say that to my clients. That's why I never advertise or push people to buy from me. I spread the word a round--I share about the health benefits of martial arts or the health supplements I take and sell--but I never persuade or urge them to buy from me. The moment I do that, I give them control of my life and freedom.

I see that happening in so-called top sellers or top earners in businesses or selling. Yes, they get fat profits and have a huge clientele (they even get to be multi-millionaires), but I watch how they have no peace of mind and freedom. They say business is for time freedom, but frankly, I never see that in them. Their customers and prospects dictate their time, mindset and lifestyles. They even dictate their family lives. The thing is, they don't see this. Money has blinded them to see truth. They think they have freedom.

I sell good though I don't sell much. When I say I sell good, I mean I make money without any strings attached. I don't feel obligated to "be of service" to my clients or feel I owe them. Others become indebted to their customers, though they won't admit it. They'd insist that it's just part of customer service. But frankly, it's because they sell to anyone with paying capacity. No, they forced them to buy. You do that and you soon find yourself at the mercy of your customers.

The moment you stopped being subservient to them, they leave you to look for other sellers who'd treat them as masters. Then, customers left to you are those who really need your product--not your subservience. And that's what I like--customers who are really helped by your product so they take it upon themselves to pursue it, by hook or by crook. I'd gladly help these customers--not because it's my duty--but because I'd like to see them succeed.

Top sellers, especially in network marketing--help their clients not because they choose to but because THEY MUST. The sustenance of their businesses depends on how they please or pamper their clients. That I hate!

Sure, you earn big money if you sell to all--if you make huge efforts convincing, persuading, urging, forcing people to buy from you or begging them to "just try" your product. No, I won't ask them to "try" my product. It's take it or leave it. If you don't think you need my product, fine. There are 6 billion plus people on the planet, and it's easy to reach them today online. No problem for me.

And anyway, I have God to supply all my needs. I don't have to have a rope tied to my business and around my neck just to survive. I don't need to make huge money and live the life of a billionaire. But if God wants me to have that, why not? But without much effort. He did make Manna to simply fall from the sky, didn't He?