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There seems to be one dialysis clinic in every locality. Sometimes, it seems there's one in each street corner. In fact, they're everywhere, they've become good business.

I remember how in my childhood I never saw any dialysis clinic. Dialysis was never heard of then. The first time I heard of it was in the 1980s when former President Ferdinand Marcos was on it. The mere sound of it was scary.

Today, cases of kidney problems needing dialysis have terribly grown. I hear about it left and right. I often see it online--folks asking for help to finance their dialysis treatments or else kidney transplant. A session is said to cost P2,500 (that's 4 to 5 harrowing hours) and some need dialysis 2 to 3 times a week. I know someone who died so young allegedly because of losing almost 100 percent of his kidney function without knowing it, until it was too late.

So what's happening?

Chemicals in Food

First, it's because of modern foods available to us today--being rich in salt and chemical or artificial spices. Beware especially of gravy sauces (I see some folks pour gravy sauce abundantly on their rice!) and popular chemical food mix sold in sachets today--or those in instant noodles (contrary to what popular TV commercials say, instant noodles are bad for your kids!). These ingredients make your kidneys work too much and later destroy them.

The solution here is seldom eat out. Stay away from"instant" foods. Cook your own food and make sure they're all from natural and fresh ingredients with minimal salt.

Lack of Water

Modern "fastfood" eating makes people drink less water and more sodas, softdrinks, and other delicious but sugar-rich beverages. Even fruit shakes (like pineapple juices in most fastfoods) are full of white sugar which is bad for your kidneys. People drink too little pure water nowadays.

The solution is drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water daily (better if alkaline but tap water will do) and drink before meals, not during or right after meals. Water is so important for detox, especially for eliminating chemicals and salts from your body system.

Synthetic Medicines

Medical doctors today are fond of automatically prescribing synthetic medicines for every illness. If you have high blood pressure for instance, they often require you to take maintenance medicine at once. Problem is, if you load up too much on synthetic medicines, your kidneys and liver suffer a lot. Some maintenance medicines for diabetes, especially, eventually leads to kidney destruction, ending up in dialysis or death.

A topnotch medical scientist and medical official of Vital-C who specializes on nutrition and how medicines work in the body--Dr. Jose M Oclarit (you may Google his profile) says ailments should be treated from their root causes, not symptoms.

For instance, if someone has high blood pressure due to stress and unhealthy diet, the stress and diet should be addressed first. He usually gives some Vital-C natural supplement to the patient that will take care of the root causes and very often the ailment would be cured without any need for synthetic maintenance medicine. The kidneys and liver are also protected this way. No complications.


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