Monday, August 24, 2015

Are You Toxic?
When your body is acidic it's toxic--meaning, it produces lots of toxins that can harm your health. So, Are you toxic? How do you know you're not one?


If you are a relaxed and cool person, chances are you're not acidic. Stress is the foremost acid producer in your body. If you are too stressed out, you're probably toxic--and that's bad news for your health. You have to get rid of your toxicity and not even healthy food and workouts can save you if you are stressed out.

What you need is relaxation, peace of mind and joy--aside from healthy food and workouts.

Here are some signs that you are toxic:
  • Always with a bad temper
  • Stressed
  • Irked by the smallest things (easily irritated)
  • Unable to smile naturally
  • Can't laugh
  • Can't let go of frustrations and disappointments
  • Can't sleep well
  • Eats in a hurry
  • Can't stop a while to appreciate life and your surroundings
  • Poor prayer life
  • Too meticulous about details
  • Lack water
  • Loves eating meat
  • Idle or dormant
Often ask yourself--are you toxic--and watch if the signs are manifesting. Then change gear immediately. That's cheap health and fitness with middle income budget for you.

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