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Among Deadliest Breakfast Combinations You Shouldn't Try

One morning I was walking the length of Quezon Avenue between Delta and Fishermall when I chanced upon a group of construction workers having their late breakfast. You know what they were all having? Bread, softdrinks and cigarette. Each and everyone of them, those were their breakfast, or probably morning merienda snack. Whatever it was, it was among the deadliest breakfast combinations (or snack combinations) you shouldn't try.

First, bread and softdrinks are heavy in sugar, and sugar is the best immune system killer and cancer's favorite snack. Second, they are carbohydrates--too much of which will overwork your natural insulin. Well, in their case--because they worked hard at the construction site--a load up with carbs is understandable. But still, they had to be careful. Heavy work like that also needed protein and other nutrients.

Worse is that the softdrinks most of them were taking are known to be rich in caffeine. That made the combination worse--lots of sugar and ca…

Just Walk

Sometimes, workout need not be complicated with programs to follow, equipment to use, and strict diets to follow. All you need is go out and just walk. I do it often--forgetting about everything else and just walk. Often too, I just stand up from my seat and desktop and start jogging in place.

When I find myself in a mental dead end--there's something to figure out but I'm too stressed out intellectually to think of solutions (I work at home as a web content writer and  blogger)--I go out of the house and take a brisk walk break. It rejuvenates your body systems, especially circulation, and helps make you think actively again.

While walking, don't think of the problem first. Enjoy your surroundings and appreciate what you see. Then, slowly, as you continue your brisk walk, go back to the problem. You'd see that you'd get a new perspective, a new way of seeing it. And then ideas come. In fact they sometimes cascade.

When I get fed up with workout programs and sched…

Are You Suffering from WAIT LOSS?

Procrastination costs a lot! In fact, it makes you lose a lot of opportunities and gain a lot of unwanted things--like extra body weight. Indeed, a lot of people suffer from WAIT LOSS. They wait a lot and suffer loss. Look at the following:

Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest. [Ecclesiastes 11.4] It's good to wait--"They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength"--but too much waiting can destroy opportunities. If I had waited till I was old enough to get a job, I wouldn't have landed on a job while in college. I couldn't have helped my parents with household expenses and couldn't have helped them with the expenses of my sister's education. 
If I had waited till I felt perfectly OK in health before I started working out again, I probably would be tied to a sick bed by now, suffering more ailments. I had terrible anxiety attacks about 5 years ago after suffering severe muscle trauma that m…

Are You Mentally Allergic to Natural Health Supplements?

The cheapest way to avoid huge hospitalization bills is to keep healthy. Not to do so is the most expensive way to live life. And to have good health, we have to go natural most of the time. For us middle income folks, the cheapest way is to opt for natural health supplements.

Taking natural health supplements is often cheaper than eating natural and fresh fruits and vegetables daily. But unfortunately, a lot of people seem mentally "allergic" to natural health supplements. They have developed the mindset that these are "bad" for their health.

Incredible what some doctors do to the mental beliefs of their patients.

However, the fact is, synthetic medicines are really the ones we should be careful about, They do real damage to health. A little overdose can endanger your life. With natural health supplements, there is no overdose.

Admittedly, natural health supplements are not designed to replace synthetic medicines. They are supplemental in nature--an "added&q…

So, You Come From a Family of Fat People--Are You Sure Your Family's to Blame?

It's not your family, genes, or the way God made you that's to blame. I don't know if that's good or bad news to you. Well, it's good news because there's still hope for losing weight even if everyone in your family is overweight.

Bad news is, you can't blame genes or family fat anymore for being overweight. No more excuses.

Experts say it has nothing to do with family or genetics and has everything to do with what you do to yourself. In short, lifestyle.

Well, if you come from a family of fat people, it may mean you may need to work a bit more at losing weight, but your choice is what really counts in the end. Are you going to settle for that (family's to blame) or are you going to change all that?

Right choices can easily overcome wrong unfavorable dispositions. If I were you, I'd change all that and determine to get my ideal weight.


I mean, Epigenetics experts have already said so--who are we novices to contradict? Epigenetics st…

What Should You Avoid, Bread or Rice?

Most people who want to lose weight avoid rice at all cost. We hear about it so often. Instead, they eat bread each meal. Then they expect to lose weight--and most times they don't.

Well, some folks lose weight that way--but it's not because they skip rice and choose bread. It's because they eat less, which I won't recommend. We need to eat enough to get the nutrition our bodies need. Like it or not, we Filipinos need rice. We can't just get rid of it from our meals.

The secret is reduced amounts. Reduce the amount of rice you eat per meal and look for a healthy substitute like sweet potato.

Bread won't help you lose weight. In fact, bread sometimes can make you gain more weight. Sometimes you tend to eat more of it to satisfy your hunger. Because bread is lighter than rice, you easily feel hungry again and eat more. And bread made of white flour and white sugar definitely adds more weight on you.

I'd prefer eating limited rice, like a cup each meal. It wi…

Is Aspartame Sweetener in Your Food? Here’s How to Avoid It

Aspartame is an artificial super sweetener that some food manufacturers use to cut cost on sugar. Just a little of it makes food so sweet because it is said to be 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Problem is, the little you get becomes super dangerous when accumulated in your body. Aspartame is made of two amino acids which are building blocks of protein. That’s supposed to be healthy, right? But they are held or bonded together using methyl ester bond—or methanol.

Aspartame releases methanol (or wood alcohol) in your bloodstream. Then it gets converted into formaldehyde which experts say is an embalming fluid, or something equivalent to that. Imagine embalming fluid running in your bloodstream and reaching vital organs, especially the brain and the nerves.

I wonder--is this why Parkinson's or Alzheimer's is rampant today and experts can't explain why?

Now, watch this video on aspartame..

You see, aspartame is mostly in your so-called "sugar-free" food and beverages, maki…