Friday, September 4, 2015

Is Aspartame Sweetener in Your Food? Here’s How to Avoid It
Aspartame is an artificial super sweetener that some food manufacturers use to cut cost on sugar. Just a little of it makes food so sweet because it is said to be 200 times sweeter than sugar.

Problem is, the little you get becomes super dangerous when accumulated in your body. Aspartame is made of two amino acids which are building blocks of protein. That’s supposed to be healthy, right? But they are held or bonded together using methyl ester bond—or methanol.

Aspartame releases methanol (or wood alcohol) in your bloodstream. Then it gets converted into formaldehyde which experts say is an embalming fluid, or something equivalent to that. Imagine embalming fluid running in your bloodstream and reaching vital organs, especially the brain and the nerves.

I wonder--is this why Parkinson's or Alzheimer's is rampant today and experts can't explain why?

Now, watch this video on aspartame..

You see, aspartame is mostly in your so-called "sugar-free" food and beverages, making you think they are healthier and diabetic-friendly. You may not get sugar from them but they'd give you other health problems--probably even more serious than diabetes. 

So stay away from artificial juice drinks, powdered juice drinks, "sugar-free" softdrinks and sodas, and the like. Better yet, always look at the labels of food and beverage products you buy. I have developed that habit. I've become a food label detective.

Much better, consume less (or zero) artificial food and beverage products. I prefer making my own natural juice drinks with zero sugar. Sometimes I use honey or brown sugar. And definitely no softdrinks. That's definitely cheaper for you--for cheap health and fitness with middle income budget. Save the money and invest it later--you get healthier and rich!

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