Thursday, September 10, 2015

So, You Come From a Family of Fat People--Are You Sure Your Family's to Blame?
It's not your family, genes, or the way God made you that's to blame. I don't know if that's good or bad news to you. Well, it's good news because there's still hope for losing weight even if everyone in your family is overweight.

Bad news is, you can't blame genes or family fat anymore for being overweight. No more excuses.

Experts say it has nothing to do with family or genetics and has everything to do with what you do to yourself. In short, lifestyle.

Well, if you come from a family of fat people, it may mean you may need to work a bit more at losing weight, but your choice is what really counts in the end. Are you going to settle for that (family's to blame) or are you going to change all that?

Right choices can easily overcome wrong unfavorable dispositions. If I were you, I'd change all that and determine to get my ideal weight.


I mean, Epigenetics experts have already said so--who are we novices to contradict? Epigenetics studies how other factors, aside from genes or DNA, affect fat storage in the body and many more.

Yup, epigenetics says no one is destined to be overweight forever.

Have you seen "The Biggest Loser" on TV? You saw how big they all were? And then after hard work, they managed to lose weight incredibly! That's evidence enough that epigenetics works. They simply changed their lifestyles and environments.

Here are some Tips for You

One way is to get your liver healthier. The liver has lots to do with fat burning aside from removing toxins from the body. It's easy to imagine what happens to you if you give your liver added work--overeating. The more junks you eat the more unnecessary added work you give your liver.

What I do is eat healthy natural food I know won't cause my liver to overwork. Drink natural and fresh fruit juices as often as you can. I love fresh coconut juice (there you are! I just gave away a precious tip probably worth $500!).

Don't keep eating the whole day. Yes, you may eat small meals more often, but make sure they're not something that would stress out your liver and digestive system. If you eat a lot, limit eating to 3 times a day, and try to cut down on fatty food.

You want to have a healthy liver? Do water therapy each morning (at 5 am daily I drink 3 tall glasses). Eat more fiber rich vegetables, limit cooking oil, and enjoy lots of fresh fruit juices like kalamansi. Kalamansi juice is great!

Did I mention anything expensive? They're all for cheap health and fitness with middle income budget.

Yes, it' not your family. It's really YOU.

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