Sunday, October 25, 2015

5 Cheap Ways to Keep Yourself Safe from Prostate Cancer
When you're past 40 or 50, have your prostate checked regularly. It's at this age bracket when the ailment starts to develop for some men. But there are ways to prevent it from happening as you have your prostate gland checked.

Mind you, these are cheap ways to keep yourself safe from prostate cancer--cheap health and fitness with middle income budget.

1. First is pray for good health. I'm always serious about putting God on top of my health and fitness program. I pray for good health everyday--for me and my family. I think of God as both my Doctor and Medicine--in fact, my health Supplement, body, soul and spirit. Without God, there is no health of any kind. So, get close with God.

2. Avoid alcoholic drinks. Beverages like liquor and beer can help trigger prostate inflammation that can lead to prostate cancer. My dad's doctors always limited his daily beer intake because they stressed how alcohol can badly affect the prostate.

3. Avoid too much meat. Meat is often costly anyway, and contributes to your susceptibility to prostate cancer. So avoid having it regularly. The less, the better. Well, it's difficult to get rid of meat altogether because it's sometimes more costly to eat vegetables on a regular basis. Few carinderias offer vegan menus. What I do is eat lots and lots more vegetables and fruits whenever I can (and that's often) so that when I eat some meat it's somewhat neutralized. And I prefer tofu and fish to beef and pork meat.

4. Avoid any inflammatory food. Food that causes inflammation is a definite no-no, like meat, processed meat, fatty food, junk food, canned food, and alcoholic drinks, to name a few. Inflammatory food and drinks are among the top causes of prostate cancer. If sometimes you don't have any choice but to eat these foods, try your best to counter them with organic fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants like guyavano, guavas, carrots, broccoli, celery, cilantro, kinchay, onion springs, bananas, purple corn, and natural food rich in Vitamin C.

I often take fresh carrot juice and sugarcane juice. A glass (about 350 ml) only costs P60 at the grocery area of SM North.

5. Take enough Vitamin C. When I say enough, I don't mean just 3 oranges a day. I'm talking something like 35 freshly squeezed kalamansi each early morning. Or 7 lemons or 10 dalandan fruits. Better yet, take non-acidic sodium ascorbate regularly, like Vital C (what I take).

Remember, Vitamin C is a super anti-inflammatory antioxidant that destroys free radicals and carcinogens. We all need enough Vitamin C each day. It's very effective to help men prevent prostate cancer.


Warp Rider said...

Dami calamansi Choy....

Herb Linch said...

Yup! As a matter of fact, 35 is the minimum. The recommended by some organic health experts I know is 50 pieces of fresh kalamansi squeezed and juiced first thing in the morning. This results to radical detoxification. I've tried it and it got rid of a lot of black stuff from my digestive system. A good digestive system improves the immune system, and that helps keep you safe from ailments like prostate cancer.

However, if you think 35 or 50 are too many, then by all means, go with whatever seems comfortable for you. And always seek your doctor's approval first.

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