Monday, October 26, 2015

How Many Eggs a Day Can Result to a Heart Problem?
Oh! Look at that!
We've often been told--eating too many eggs is bad for our health. But I love eggs! In fact, I so LOVE eggs that I sometimes eat 3 a day--almost everyday! Almost. My late dad ate some 6 to 8 eggs almost everyday. Well, he had perfectly normal blood cholesterol till the day he died. I do, too. My BP is always normal, by God's grace.

On the contrary, my mom was too careful about her egg intake--and she sometimes had her blood cholesterol levels too high! Then she wondered how dad did it.

"Anything overdone can sometimes result to something bad," is what they say. And I agree. I scold myself when I eat too many eggs and discipline myself to put a limit.

But, are several eggs a day really bad?

I stumbled on a health article one day that was good news to my ears. It said eating more than one egg a day is actually good for you.

Wrong information gave us the idea that cholesterol is evil. So we try to avoid any sign of it, even worried at the mere sight of its shadow. Anything with cholesterol, we scratch from our list.

But, cholesterol--according to the article I read--actually helps our body fight ailments--like heart ailments. Weird, isn't it? There was a time when I read authoritative health articles that said eggs were bad. Then, another time, I read another authoritative health article that declared eating more than one egg a day was good.

They often do that, leaving us readers more confused than ever.

Another thing the article said was how the body automatically regulated cholesterol in our blood. If we had too much cholesterol, the liver produces less of it. If we limit our cholesterol intake, the liver produces more of it--because fact is, our bodies need cholesterol to maintain good health.

Strokes and heart ailments are not really the results of high cholesterol, say some medical health experts. But when stress creates free radicals, our blood vessels are damaged and produce clogs where fats, cholesterol, calcium and toxins collect and cause atherosclerosis, experts add.

But without the clogs, high cholesterol is harmless, one medical doctor who was also an alternative medicine expert told me.

Sometimes, you'd be shocked how some people with high cholesterol levels never have high blood pressure.

For years, "authoritative" health info sources couldn't put their acts together. They tell us different things according to the business interests they serve. So, who do we believe?

As a rule, we always believe our God-given common sense. And what's common sense? A balanced diet. In the end, only God is always correct. He never changes.

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