Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Easy Secret to Live Longer and More Meaningful
Lots and lots of people ask me one vital tip to a longer, more meaningful life. Many others obviously need the tip but are hopelessly entangled in the complications of life--and yet not know it.

After examining things and having tried a lot of lifestyles in my hectic but meaningless life before, I learned one thing--keep things simple. There's so much wisdom in that. Yet, so few get it. They think busyness is the way to go--because it looks smart and productive. fact, the whole point of life  is to keep things in their simplest possible form. That's the secret to a full and meaningful healthy life that has power for a long life.

Well, it's not a guarantee that you'd live to a full ripe age of say 90 or a hundred. But even if you die young, you'd feel having lived a long, full and satisfactory life if you had kept things simple.

How do I know that? Have I experienced dying young?

Nope, but Jesus have. He died at 33 but lived a full, meaningful and healthy life--in fact a "long" life, as it were, because He is the LIFE.

It's an epidemic--so many people launch out to a very busy life and think that's what makes a life. They intently make their daily schedules hectic and everything complicated and feel productive when they are dead tired at the end of the day. They love it that way and believe they are getting the meaning in life.

But later, they end up miserable with empty achievements, sad, and finding out too late that they have wasted their time and energies for nothing. A lot of them find themselves bound to their sick beds in old age, reaping the results of a stressful life. Worse, some of them don't realize to the end what they really missed.

You want a well lived and happy life with your loved ones? Keep things simple. That's one of the topics I discussed in my upcoming e-book, "My Secrets to Cheap, Simple, and Safe Fitness Easy to Keep Up With" (Exercises You Can Do Anywhere).

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