Tuesday, November 3, 2015

One Simple Reason Why Most People are Sickly Today

I sometimes find myself in hospitals nowadays, not because I'm sickly but because some people are. I have to visit them being good friends of mine.

And what I note is this--there's often one simple reason why most people are sickly today--they don't eat enough fresh fruits.

And really, it costs cheap to get rid of diseases most of the time.

Well, it's different when most of your life you've been eating little to no fruit, and then you get sickly and you suddenly decide to eat lots of fruits from now on. It simply wouldn't work like when you start eating fruits way before you get sickly.

Although you can always try starting now even if you're already sickly.

Problem is, people see fresh fruits as mere dessert. They don't see it as a meal or part of a main meal. Moreover, you don't eat fruits like desserts you eat after eating main meals. You should eat fruits before eating anything. Lots of people do not know this simple health practice--or know it but just laugh about it.

But it's these basic health truths that matter and often decide the fate of your overall health.

I have the habit of eating fresh fruits early in the morning--latundan bananas, oranges (dalandan is always so cheap), kalamansi, guavas, papaya mangoes, avocados, melons, or whatever is available at our local fruit store. For instance, guavas are good--and they cost me only P10 for 5 big-enough and ripe-enough pieces. I so love guavas since I was a kid. It's rich in Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals.

So many people are sickly today, especially when they get old, because all their lives they lacked fresh fruits. They eat apples and grapes only during Christmas, eat one small banana a day (if any), and eat other fruits only when they're in season.

Worse, instead of eating fresh fruits, they spend money daily on vices.

That makes their immune health suffer lack and deficiency.

When they get old, diseases easily attack their bodies. And then they realize it and start eating fruits, which is often too late.

If people had eaten lots of fresh fruits in their younger years, more people would be out of the hospitals today. That's cheap health and fitness with middle income budget for you.

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