Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris Terrorist Attack and Health and Fitness

Recently, the world was shocked to see what it thought would never happen--terrorists attacking a major city of a world superpower.

Paris, attacked by terrorists?

As I watched the videos, I couldn't help noticing people jumping out of windows to escape to safety. There was even a woman hanging just outside a window, her hands clutching desperately on the window sill.

It's clear then that in times of serious emergencies like a sudden and violent terrorist attack that can happen even in the safety of a modern city far away from wars, you need some athletic ability to escape with your life. You need to be healthy and fit. And the time to be so is now.

Don't wait for terrorism to reach your shores before you start getting healthy and fit. Start training now. And anyone can start doing it today, even if you haven't exercised all your life, especially with the help of my upcoming ebook, "My Secrets to Cheap, Simple, and Safe Fitness Easy to Keep Up With" (Exercises You Can Do Anywhere). Watch out for it here on Choy's Cut.

It's obvious that escaping danger or even death means you should be physically fit and healthy. Running away from danger--especially terrorist danger--involves some sort of athletic ability like running, climbing, lifting, ducking, wrestling, and even fighting, if necessary.

And even if you get caught, you need health and fitness to keep calm, stay alert and survive. Not that health and fitness can guarantee your safety--but they can give you a definite edge.

And to stay healthy and fit, you need not spend too much--or even spend a dime.

Stay with this blog and get regular tips on cheap health and fitness with middle income budget.

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