Friday, December 4, 2015

This Shortens Life, So Avoid it at All Cost
You not only can die young but it also cuts short your enjoyment of life. That's what we mean by saying "It shortens life."

Life is already short, but it further shortens if you let this thing rule in you--stress. And the mother of all stress is the abnormal need to achieve a lot of things. Why do they need lots of achievements? So they can be great.

Often, you pull down a lot of other people to the abyss of stress and miserable existence because of your need to be great. You're like a disaster or calamity. Where you are, a lot of innocent victims get their lives all messed up.

And these poor miserable souls are willing to be your victims because they need money to survive daily.

It seems a hopeless labyrinth with no way out.

How do you avoid this kind of stress? Is there really a way out?

There is, otherwise, God wouldn't have written this passage in His Word: "Do not become slaves of men" [1 Corinthians 7.23]

Consider these ideas:
  1. Quit desiring to be great. Greatness is unreal. It's just in people's silly imaginations that they think they can become (or are) great. "How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?" [Psalm 4.2]
    True greatness is in God's hands--he decides that. It does not depend on your achievements. You may have a lot of monuments built in your honor and may stand on the highest pedestal, but in God's eyes you may be a total failure.
  2. Simplicity is power. The simpler your life is and the meeker you are, the more power you have. And that means power to live a healthy, happy and long life under God's grace. Believe me, a quiet life is better.
  3. Just live out God's Word everyday. That's it.
  4. Aim for greatness in God's kingdom, not on earth or in man's kingdom. The bible says, the least on earth is the greatest in heaven.
So why strive to be great?

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