Saturday, January 9, 2016

Contentment, Aging, Health and the Fullness of Life
Contentment promotes anti-aging and health, experts say. That's definitely good news to me because God has been leading me to extreme contentment. Contentment leads to increased happiness. And with happiness comes health and vigor.

That's God's plan for us.
I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. [John 10.10]
Aging makes us mellow down because of the wisdom gained though life. God doesn't want us to grow old--he wants us to age. Many folks refuse to either grow old or age; they want to remain young.

But the elixir of youth really is contended aging--because with it we gain real health and happiness. It's when we understand real life as God intended it and remain living life fully--no one grows old in God.

Even God himself remains young because of contended aging:

And God saw that it was good...and on the seventh day he rested. [Genesis]

Aging is a gift--it's when we finally see the meaning and purpose of life and learn to be content at what we have and what we are. It's when we stop trying to do better or achieve more to prove our worth. It's when we wisen up to see that comparing oneself with others is foolish.

Aging makes us see the wisdom in just letting God.

In a sense, aging enables us to just enjoy reaping the fruit of happiness which God planted and cared for.

Aging makes us healthier because we finally appreciate simple life and simple food. Aging naturally makes us go back to God's original plan in Genesis, living in Eden's garden before the fall.

Years back, I used to think aging was when you grew older. Today, I shake my head and laugh at my ignorance then--because in reality, aging is when you become better, sharper and fuller with life.

Like aged wine. Aging is when you grow younger and more relevant.

Life is not what you make it--it's what God makes of it to those who are willing to just sit back, content at watching God do everything. To those who grow old, this is impossible. They believe you have to make everything happen as God watches you and applauds.

So they try to make a lot of things happen, until they wither, often bitterly and with regrets.

Aging makes you understand that there's nothing more fulfilling than to watch God and applaud him.

Oh, you'd never understand as long as you're just getting older. But the moment you age, it all becomes clear to you. It's like God storing you in oak barrels to age you, so you'd come out clearer, sweeter, and sparkling.

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