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Why New Diseases Pop Up in Our Midst Almost Daily: How to be Safe from Them
New diseases seem to just pop up in our midst nowadays. It seems the more we get modernized, the worse diseases become and even new ones appear almost out of nowhere.

Just look at renal dialysis centers. I don't remember seeing them around when I was a kid. The same when I was a teenager. Today, they're almost in every street corner.

Look at chemotherapy. You hear about it left and right today. But when I was a kid, I never heard of chemotherapy sessions and not even the word "cancer." The worst I heard about then was H-Fever and even that was not as rampant as cancer is today.

What's happened to our health?

It's really all about what we eat, how we live and the environs we live in today. We wanted to be modernized as soon as possible and that entailed being fast and sophisticated in our lifestyles. Gradually, all that birthed the weird diseases we see today.

When life was simple and easy, more people enjoyed good health. They ate fresh foods cooked in their own kitchens and drank clean and natural water. No one was in a hurry and they had more time reflecting about life and appreciating their surroundings.

My dad always shared about his teenage life, especially how they went up the hills at the back of their town, San Juan, in La Union. And how they fished along the river and cooked their catch on the fire they made themselves while setting up camp. They asked for rice from their farmer friends around who gave them fresh and organic rice which they cooked out.

But life has changed.

But we can all go back to that, if we want to. It's not that old times were better and our time has become bad. To me, time remains the same--it's always been good. There are still 24 hours in a day and 60 seconds in a minute. But we opted to complicate our lifestyles and surroundings. It's just that we changed values and priorities.

We wanted to attain more in half the time. Well, we kind of did it, but with deadly consequences, among which are diseases equally as deadly.

But it's all really a choice. You can choose to go back to the good old times. And you can do it now.

Just look at this simple fact that has been killing lots of people--so many people eat in a hurry, not realizing that fast eating can make them fat, stress their systems up and destroy their digestive system. That results to a lot of deadly diseases. Why do they eat fast? Because they don't want to lose their jobs or they need to make more money. And why make more money? To keep up with their lifestyles.

In a gist, today's lifestyles are really nothing but ways to prevent people from living in the old ways. We hate being tagged "old fashioned" or unsophisticated and boring. We fear being seen as "outdated" or "la-os na" in Tagalog.

Well, what's wrong with being "la-os"?

Almost daily I see young people smoking just to look "in" and sophisticated. I even saw a guy yesterday jogging in complete attire but with a lighted cigarette in one hand. He puffed it now and then as he jogged.

You see young and old alike standing in long lines just to buy doughnuts, soda floats, fries, burgers, softdrinks and commercialized energy drinks which are nothing but mere sugar which cancer cells like a lot.

Our fondness for non essentials is killing us even at a young age. And we're fond of them just because we want to look sophisticated or "in" with the modern times.

But we can change all that starting today. You don't really have to be old fashioned. Just go back to the healthy days when life was simple and easy.


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