Monday, February 15, 2016

5 Vital Health Lessons from Native Goats You Simply Can't Ignore
If I were you, I'd start watching native goats closely from now on--if you want to stay healthy.


For one, there are not many goats in the city, so this means you have to go to the countryside a lot. And that means fresh air, fresh food, and quietude and peace. That's top-rate health, no less.

But wait. There's more.

1. Native goats eat nothing but organic grass. And these goats are not known to be susceptible to ailments or diseases. You just let them roam around, exposed to the elements, eat grass and they grow strong. They don't need special vitamins or steroids or antibiotics to stay healthy.

This means, like native goats, we are better off eating nothing but vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy, and especially organic. Some smart Alecks say, "I'm not a goat to be eating leaves." But yes you are, from now on--that is, if you want to stay healthy. Be goat. Or, go goat!

2. You just let them roam free. When I and my wife visit their home in Nueva Ecija, we'd see native goats just roaming around stress free. Compare them with hens, rabbits, cows and fish which are kept in confinement, stressed and uneasy. Even dogs set free to run and explore are healthier than caged dogs.

This means we should be free from anything that stresses us unhealthily and puts limits to our freedom. God created man with a natural inclination to want and enjoy freedom--to be themselves.

3. They run a lot. When our locality, Project 8, was yet a new community just fresh out of a forested area in north Quezon City, I saw a lot of native goats roaming around, even in the streets. Even herds of cows just roamed around in our area then. And you'd see the native goats just running to and fro, almost all the time. The exercise or workout kept their bodes sturdy and healthy. If you try to feel the body of a goat, you'd notice its tough muscles.

That means regular workouts are also important to us.

4. They're strong. Goats are strong. It would take several people to pull it to the direction it doesn't want to go. And if it wants to ram its head against something to attack it, it has tremendous strength to do so.

You see the power of organic vegetables and workouts combined? If you want to stay strong and healthy, learn from the diet and activities of goats.

5. No problem with constipation. One of the problems of keeping a goat in your property is frequent bowel movement. Wild or native goats don't seem to have constipation problems. In fact, the problem is, you'd see their poops scattered everywhere.

If you have a vegetarian diet, you have no constipation problems. And that means overall health. Remember, good health starts in the digestive system.

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