Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Conscious about How You Look? Don't be. You'd be Shocked to Know Why

When I was in college, I was hopelessly conscious about how I looked. I'd go to the men's room now and then to check how my face looked because I had oily face and a couple of acnes. I even secretly brought a small mirror once for this purpose.

I thought the world was always interested about how I looked.

Admittedly, it's important how you look. But not everyone is interested about how you look all the time. Well, for the first times they see you they probably would give you second or third sizing up looks. But after that, they won't bother with you anymore. You're not that important to people.

Remember, "you're not that important to people."

So don't act like people around you have nothing better to do than to see how you look. Believe me, they have more important things to do. When I realized this, I started acting confidently. Knowing you're not important to people gives you some kind of confidence--confidence derived from being set free from the idea that daily you're the center of attraction.

And anyway, this other knowledge adds to your confidence--that not everyone has been gifted with creativity and imagination, so God made the majority look good. But the few remaining were especially and uniquely designed so that God can display his genius through their creativity. God intended to give them a challenging look so they can apply their unique talents to it.

The talent I'm talking about is the extaordinary ability to create attraction where there is none. And all who are given a challenging look have this gift in them. They only need to hone the gift.

I did.

You see, after overcoming the paranoia that people are interested about your ugly looks, you can now channel your energies to creating an aura (or illusion?) of attractiveness. You'd be surprised that suddenly, a lot from the opposite gender are falling madly for you despite your looks.

People endowed with challenging looks develop an air of simple yet attractive confidence in them once they overcome their delusions that people watch them all the time and laugh at the way they look. Well, that happens sometimes, but once you overcome your conscious awareness of it, you begin to metamorphose. You transform into something--well, not exactly beautiful--but unique.

You develop strong character and a powerful mature disposition that make all the good looking guys look "weak, ordinary and pathetic" in comparison. And then all eyes are on you with admiration--despite the fact that you aren't good looking--that you are ugly, in fact.

More so if you couple this transformation with practical smartness and a nonchalant attitude towards the opposite sex.

When you have mastered this, I promise you, looks won't be so important anymore. You take the contest to a new arena, to a higher level where good looking guys won't be able to compete in.

More on this in another article.

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