Wednesday, February 3, 2016

This Popular Cooking Oil is Cancerous
We've been led to believe that vegetable oil is healthy--because of the word "vegetable" in it. If you'd listen to some "health experts" they make it sound as if there's no other way to fry healthily than with vegetable oil.

And then they add that coconut cooking oil is the worst because it is 90 percent saturated fat, which is true. I even came across a respected health site that warns sternly against coconut cooking oil because it is said to promote heart diseases.

However, alternative medicine doctors are saying otherwise. They say coconut cooking oil is the best for health because heating it up to high temperatures does not trigger dangerous chemical changes in it unlike vegetable oil which becomes cancerous when subjected to high temps.

Who'd you believe--traditional or alternative medical doctors?

I, for one, would believe alternative medical doctors who are also traditional medical doctors--or at least respected in the traditional medicine world. Thus, I read write-ups by Dr. Jose Oclarit who is a medical scientist and an alternative medicine doctor.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, is also someone like that. He's a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) which deals with a "whole person" approach in treating ailments, and also "board-certified in family medicine," having served as chair of the family medicine department at the St. Alexius Medical Center for 5 years. Here are more details about his medical career.

His explanation about why coconut cooking oil is healthy (even if it has lots of saturated fats) and lots better than vegetable oil is quite interesting. And why vegetable oils is dangerous (so you better stop using it, if I were you).

Listen to his video:

I also discovered that local grocery stores in Manila has lots of premium coconut cooking oil like Minola. Even some sari-sari stores have it. I'm glad that our community grocery store offers several brands to choose from.

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