Saturday, May 14, 2016

Frankly, This is the Truth about a Healthy Fit Life and Wellness
I guess that's life---you can do what you can but you often end up guessing what happens next.

But then, you also have to be exact. Accurate.

Truth is, you don't know what's coming to you, whether you'd still be in good health tomorrow or not. You may have the best of health today but you don't know about an hour or day after if that would still hold true.

Health condition can drastically change in a moment.

Of course, they tell us to keep positive about it all. And we have to. I believe that with all my heart.

Yet, at the same time, we have to lean on the Creator---the Author of life, health and healing---depending on Him entirely and not being too confident about ourselves and what we do, can do and achieve.

There are two extreme views on this---no, three:

1. Others eat all they want, do no exercises, abuse their health and then claim that their faith in God will save them from ailments---relying "entirely" on God and keeping positive about it all.

2. On the other hand, there are those who rely solely on their rigid workouts, sophisticated diets and fitness supplements, laughing at any hint of Divine intervention.

3. Third are those who imagine themselves neutral or in between. They eat a little of this and that, think that their travel to work is enough exercise for them (they don't want to over exert themselves), and they believe a bit of this and that about God.

So, where do you belong?

In my case, I do what fits my body and lifestyle, eat what's healthy for me, and then rely entirely on God, depending on his grace on a daily basis. It's both spiritual and scientific.

It's not a little of everything but complete ingredients of what you really need.

I have learned that in life, you have to do what is right. But remember---even doing the right things will go dead wrong if you leave out God from it. It's not how right you are but how faithful.

When done this way, God catches you when you fall. I mean, there may be important things or details you forget to do in life, but if you rely on God by faith, he still completes the picture for you.

By grace, everything becomes exact---becomes well. That's wellness.

Hear this medical doctor's talk on wellness:

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