Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Enjoy Your Jog and Get Tired Less
I had a great jog this morning, though a bit late. I did wake up at 5 am but had to do a lot of chores. So finally, I was able to go out and jog at 7:30 am. Goodness.

The sun was "too up" for me to jog outside. But I had to. Yesterday rained and I wasn't able to jog out (I just worked out indoors). So, I cannot have two successive days without jogging. Working indoors is good but jogging outdoors is still different.

But surprisingly, a thin cloud filtered the sun's bright rays so that it didn't hurt that much. It was like 7 am. I jogged leisurely while looking around, enjoying my surroundings and intently noticing things. Before that, I was unconsciously thinking about how many rounds more I should jog and how far the end of the streets were.

That made me grow tired quickly. So I changed mindset. Instead, I looked around appreciatively.

I appreciated the trees and gardens in the front yards of the houses I passed by, especially noticing their flowers and leaves. I never noticed before the low but mature moringa tree in front of the newest super modern Zen townhouses on one street I passed through. It fitted nicely as a background to the smart architectural design of the edifices.

Then there was the lush kaimito tree at the back of house number 17, whose top partly showed itself as seen from the street. I never noticed that before.

Then on this other street, house number 24 actually has a mini-swimming pool. I saw it at the side of the property when I jogged past it. I never knew that before.

One thing more---I also intentionally waved at people I met along---gardeners, street sweepers, other joggers, old widows chatting in front of the chapel, the taho vendor, folks killing time at the plaza, and many more.

It was fun looking around and noticing things---like you were a private detective doing surveillance work and discovering new things.

After jogging several rounds, I had more energy for shadow boxing, martial arts and push-ups.

So, here's Choy's Cut for you---just take things easy.

Here's some practical wisdom on jogging:

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