Sunday, May 15, 2016

New People I Meet in the Streets During my Jog
This morning I went out a bit late for my jog because I and my wife discussed something about life and the Benny and Susanne Hinn wedding we had watched online the other day.

So anyway, I had my regular jog, and there was this big guy (in my mind I call him Sweet Big Guy) who I often see these days walking his little tiny dog (and letting it poo in the street) around in the morning. He carried a manual fan and umbrella along (protection from the heat and sunlight) and walked a bit around.

He probably felt that was enough exercise for his weight loss and diabetes. He often just stands there letting his dog smell plants, pee and poo. And then he loved chocolates and drank two bottles of softdrinks (thus Sweet Big Guy) , keeping these things a secret from his wife.

How do I know?

The street store owner where he bought chocolates and softdrinks told me so.

Each time I went past him, we greeted each other "good morning." I just wish he'd do more walking than just standing there and taking a few steps around.

Then there was also this new guy who looked like my officemate, Bobby, way back in 1993. He walked slowly. When I said, Hi!" he seemed delighted. So I plan to call him Bobby in my mind from now on.

As I was whirling my arnis stick around for warm up, suddenly a fat guy on his bike went past me. He had a smiling face. At once, the word "Buddha" crossed my mind. "Buddha on bike" was more apt, I decided.

Then there were these two young foreigners (Asians), one was tall the other was stout, who jogged around together as they talked in English. They looked friendly but shy. In my mind, I decided to refer to them as "Fat and Thin."

Last but not least was the small teenage girl on her big bicycle who almost ran me over when she tried to avoid running over the poo on the street which Sweet Big Guy's tiny dog had left.

I still don't know what to call her in my mind. Can you help me?

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