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Developing Healthy Thinking the Most Powerful Way

Here's the right way to develop healthy thinking. Ready?

Some people avoid watching anything violent on TV or the Net. They want to watch only "positive" shows. And they don't want to buy their kids violent toys like swords and guns.

They do these things to develop healthy thinking. Will they work?

Healthy thinking to me is knowing truth and reality, not hiding them. The last thing I want is to make myself believe that I live in paradise, in a perfect world. I've seen folks who have developed that thinking and often get shocked when faced with cruel reality. They freeze and don't know what to do.

I thank God for allowing me to grow up in the streets seeing real everyday life, seeing violence, crimes, seeing guns fire and knives thrust. I and my dad and mom watched detective and police stories and other action-packed series on TV like Hawaii Five O, Combat, Wild, Wild West, Knight Rider, Air Wolf, The Professionals, etc.

These TV programs were about crimes, criminals, violence and weapons.

My dad and mom bought me toy guns and other combat toy equipment. My mom bought me a real hunting knife I used as a boy scout in grades 5 to 7.

And most of all, I thank God that I didn't grow up to be violent or grow up a criminal. In fact, I'm gentler, kinder and more patient and understanding than most of my contemporaries, even those who didn't like toy guns and violent TV programs. I'm more broad-minded, modesty aside.

Hiding reality from yourself does not make you a better person or less violent. It only makes you dumb, especially about real life. A lot of "decent" and supposedly "intelligent" people don't know what to do if left by themselves in the streets, especially if they suddenly find themselves in an emergency or dangerous situation.

By the way, lots of  bible characters were real tough warriors, and warriors were trained since childhood. They wielded real swords and spears and things like that.

I familiarized myself with real guns and knives (and bad neighborhoods and street thugs) so that when used against me I don't get shocked and frozen to immobility, like what happens to a lot of victims of crimes.

They also say you shouldn't hang around with bad people. In high school and college (and sometimes today), I hung around with bad people (even with killers when I was in college). But thank God I didn't end up a killer. Instead, I learned how many of them lived, behaved, felt and thought. By this, I learned about street psychology and the psychology of an attacker or criminal.

They told me communism was bad and godless. But I wasn't one to just take people's word for it. I studied Marxism-Leninism and hung around with communists. I found out that communism is more misunderstood than bad or godless.

Developing healthy thinking is NOT by closing your eyes to truth and reality but finding out what they're all about---getting to the bottom of things---and then deciding on taking the right path. You can only do this if you do everything with God as Guide.

It's not things or your environment that decide who you are or will be. It's YOU. Jesus was born and grew up in the worst neighborhoods of Palestine, but turned out in favor with God and man. It's really how you think and the kind of thinking habits you allow yourself to develop.

To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted. [Titus 1.15]
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