Wednesday, June 1, 2016

How Anger Endangers Your Health
It's normal to get angry. Even Christ got angry a lot of times. But the bible cautions us on the side effects of this emotion. Thus, it says, be angry but don't remain angry all day. Specifically, it says don't let sundown catch you still angry.

Is it okay then to be angry 23 hours a day? Well, try it and see what happens?

I believe the idea really is to cut-short anger instead of prolonging it. Anger triggers harmful chemical reactions in the body. These reactions then translate into toxins and higher acidity levels in the body (like higher uric acid levels) as well as the formation of free radicals. I don't know how, but that's what happens.

But you also need to express anger because suppressing it also builds up stress and pressure that may be harmful to your blood pressure and heart health.

Here's the picture---zero anger is bad, but so is too much of it.

So, you need to stay in-between. And that's where the bible wisdom comes into play---be angry but don't prolong it.

In my search for a healthy fit life and wellness, I discovered one vital truth---there's really no reason to stay angry a long time. Why? It's as simple as this---if you don't approve of something, then don't. You don't need to be very angry about anything. Just disapprove anything odious then forget about it.

I encounter guys and instances that really piss me off and I get angry, sometimes terribly angry. But I always follow the bible tip---let go of it immediately. Don't stay angry for more than 5, 15 or 30 minutes. The longest is an hour if it's really that bad.

After that, switch to happiness or cheery mode. You have the controls in you and you can easily change channel anytime you want.

First, I always think of God---I don't want to disappoint him. Second, I think about my health. No one and nothing is that important to wreck my health. I won't allow it.

Remember these things. This is for your health and wellness.

It's useless to be exercising regularly and eating healthy if everyday your character becomes more rotten because you harbor hate feelings in you.

What I do is laugh and eat with God, laugh with my wife, eat good dessert with her, or watch a real good movie on Youtube.

It always works.

Watch this:

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