Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why Your Body, Soul and Spirit Talk to Each Other and How This Affects Your Health
Very few people know this, but the body, soul and spirit always talk to each other. And overall health depends on how they can talk effectively.

I'll give you an example. Your spirit believes in something, your soul decides on a course of action and the body obeys. That's how healthy communication goes among the three of them.

Soul, by the way, is intellect, emotion and will. Spirit is strength of character within you. And body is, well, your physical body.

The right thing to happen is for your spirit to direct your soul. And then the soul commands the body. The soul should be submissive to the spirit and the body obedient to the soul. So it's quite important what values system you feed your spirit because it provides the impetus for the soul and body.

Thus, if you have a languid spirit that hates physical exertion, your soul would pick that up. Your intellect would always reject anything that requires physical activity, your body will always feel tired or lazy and your will is to remain idle or dormant all day---lie down on the couch or sit at the PC desk.

Here's a sample conversation among the three:

SPIRIT: I hate discipline.
SOUL: I think no one has the right to tell me what to do or what's good for me. I will do what I want. I hate people who think they know more than I do.
BODY: I'll eat anything I want.

But overall health needs the three to talk somewhat like this:

SPIRIT: I love discipline for health and fitness.
SOUL: I'll do whatever it takes to be fit and healthy. I'm going to listen to health advices and apply what I think fits me. Nothing will stop me from being healthy.
BODY: Come on, let's do it!

However, this is what happens to most people today:

SPIRIT: I like to be fit and healthy.
SOUL: But I don't have the time and money. And anyway, getting healthy means a lot of sacrifices, especially getting rid of what I enjoy so much. I don't know. Should I? Other people don't mind about it and they look okay.
BODY: Yeah, I want to do that. But not now. Maybe tomorrow.

This is what Jesus said about the spirit being willing but the flesh is weak---weakened by a wayward or sometimes even rebellious soul.

The secret to success in any endeavor, specially health, is to have the right spirit and make the soul obedient to it. This is possible with regular training. God designed the spirit, soul and body to be trainable. It's either you train it correctly or erroneously.

The spirit provides direction but it is the soul that determines success. If your soul is weak, it will always succumb to the desires of the body. Or, it will willingly connive with the flesh and defeat the spirit. In this case, the spirit is said to be "dead."

And we know what the body wants---comfort zone.

More on how the spirit, soul and body talk in the coming articles.

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