Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How His Skin Problems Led to Health Problems
Let's call him Dale. In college, Dale suffered too much oil on the face. On his way commuting to the U-Belt area from Quezon City, his oily face caught all the dust, germs and pollution in the air---like deadly carbon monoxide from smoke-belching vehicles.

That was his routine daily, morning and afternoon.

He regularly washed his face, but that proved ineffective. Microscopic dirt stubbornly attached themselves in the small corners and pores of his face and soon that created pimples.

The pimples made him lose self confidence, and losing his self confidence gave him a lot of stress. Stress can activate bad chemical reactions (like free radical damage) in the body that can cause inflammation. So Dale's small pimples soon inflamed, thanks to the joint reaction of facial oiliness and too much stress.

The pimples and clogged skin pores around them, plus the inflammation, gave rise to acnes, which later worsened into cystic acne.

If you think that was the worse scenario, think again. Stress from his worse skin condition further triggered more free radical damage so that Dale soon became sickly. He began feeling some heart problems. He even developed anxiety attacks that could have led to much worse health problems if his oily face had not been remedied.

At that time, NLighten Kojic soap was not yet in the market. So he relied on commercial "gentle" soaps. Today, Dale uses NLighten kojic and glutathione soap and swears to feel the big difference. The oiliness of his face is well under control, and for long periods at that---since he used NLighten soap. How he wished the soap had been available in college.

Do you have oily face problems? Don't wait for it to worsen into a health problem. Get rid of skin oiliness with NLighten soap--safe and gentle with kojic, papaya and glutathione extracts. And the best thing is, it's very affordable compared to other skin, pimple or acne lotions or treatments. I know a small bottle of acne lotion that costs P600. NLighten costs much, much lesser.

Consult your derma about it.

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