Monday, August 29, 2016

How Posture Affects Your Confidence Level
Try it. Make it a habit to stand erect---chest out, stomach in---and make sure you look relaxed and natural doing it. No hint of struggling. How? Well, keep practicing this posture.

And then always lift your chin and look straight ahead with relaxed, rested eyes. Even if you don't feel confident inside, that look will make people think you have it. That look and posture often earn you respect.

Now, when you see people awed at you because they think you have powerful self confidence---when in fact you don't---you begin to feel confident. It builds up like a miracle.

I tried it once. I used to stand up with stooping shoulders and often looking down at the floor. Then one time I saw how it looked in a mirror. Such a look of defeat and weakness. Then I wondered---does good posture really make a difference?

So I started practicing good posture. I studied how to stand, sit and walk erect, like a real model. I watched how models moved and imitated them. Together with my regular workouts, I began the training. After probably some months, I got it right. I soon developed good posture.

Well, sometimes you also get tired of it and let your back rest by stooping. But I always go back to a good posture. Actually, a good posture lets your back rest more. It makes you breathe more naturally, too, thus the confidence buildup.

When I walk inside malls with proper posture and look straight with chin up, I see how people react. They look at me as if I were in authority, I had lots of money, and I knew exactly what I was doing---like everything you do is right and proper.

But it doesn't come without a price. You have to train and back it up with workouts. A good posture is backed up by well toned muscles and strong bones---plus healthy eating and lifestyle.

A big plus factor is also personal care and grooming. Wear respectable clothes (not necessarily costly clothes) that fit well. And make sure you have presentable facial skin. This is so important.

If you're prone to pimples, acnes or oiliness, then a safe, mild soap with kojic, glutathione and papaya extract is best for you---like NLighten soap, made from Korea. For details on this, please use the Contact Form on the sidebar. or email me at

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