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What Stress Level Are You On?
There's healthy stress and there's unhealthy stress some experts call distress. So, how do you know you're having unhealthy stress?

You should know what stress level you are on. Here's what we mean:

Level 1 - Everything just connects and fits together. You have mastered your emotions and intellect and know what you really, basically want and get it, too. You see clearly how all things work together for good. You are never affected by what others think or say though you are quite thoughtful about others. You desire nothing---you don't need to prove anything about yourself---and you find satisfaction and happiness with whatever little you have. It's not exactly having zero stress---it's just that you have conquered all stresses. You're in overall tip-top shape.

Level 1a - You're doing something important to you---like a hobby or personal project of some kind---and you want to come out with the best result. Well, it's okay if you just come out with some good results (you can afford to celebrate with that) but you're going to try hard to get the best result anyway. Some experts say this is healthy stress.

Level 1b - You're doing something you love doing but setting very high standards that you want everything to come out perfect to a tee. You're hard on yourself and other people---and this affects your general mood. Experts say that if this keeps going on, it can catapult you higher to level 5. As it is it's still okay because you love what you're doing. Remember, obsession for success can be bad for your healthy eventually.

Level 2 - You're doing something important---because it's important to someone in authority, like your dad, boss or professor. You don't want to disappoint him. So you give it your best shot. Some experts say this is still tolerable and may fall under healthy stress---depending on your prevailing emotional condition. If you're mostly enjoying what you're doing for other people (even with some feelings of frustrations now and then), then you're somewhere on the borderline.

Level 3 - What you're doing is beginning to get in the way of what you really love doing. But you have to do it and finish it because you want to avoid the bad consequences---like being scolded, humiliated or fired. Often, what time you have left for doing what you really love doing is good only for mere wishful thinking. This, experts say, is the beginning of bad, unhealthy stress. This early, you've got to do something about it. Your health begins to be affected here.

Level 4 - You're not just torn between two desires---you desperately want to get away from one but can't because of the consequences, like losing your job. Your health begins to suffer here.

Level 5 - The frustration you have for not being able to do what you love doing affects your whole being and even your family and social life. Your career is crumbling, or else there's no real career to talk about in the first place. You see no hope of ever accomplishing the things you really love doing with your life. So now, you feel doomed to doing what you so hate doing but have no other choice but to do it. Deadly ailments begin to set in here and get worse.

So, what level of stress are you on?

Frankly speaking, I'm on Level 2. But I hope in God and do my best to be on Level 1. Nothing is impossible with God. There's real rest and relaxation in him. If you progress in your experience with God, you gradually reach Level 1.

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