Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Emotional Health is More Important than Working Out
I had a grandpa who lived a hundred plus without suffering serious ailments. And at 100 years old he still actively worked in the farm carrying 50-kilo sacks of rice. At the same age he was accidentally hit by a jeep and still lived without injury.

Did he workout? Nope. He just did farm and carpentry works regularly and walked long distances a lot (transportation was not readily available in their countryside village). And he ate lots of fresh vegetables.

Most of all, I knew him to be a simple, kind, happy, easy-going and friendly farmer. Whenever he was around our house when I was a kid, I would always enjoy Lolo Siso's radiant smile and friendliness, telling me stories with his soft-spoken, gentle voice. I especially enjoyed this when he took off his dentures. He was very easily likable.

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I know a lot of guys who work out in gyms and yet suffer emotional problems. And then they wonder why they have abnormal uric acid levels, cholesterol levels and sometimes even blood pressure. And some of them have died at a young age.

Emotional health plus your regular moving around routine are really enough to stay healthy and happy. And that's the point of being fit---to stay healthy and happy, not really to display muscles, although that's a bonus.

But there are also others who have regular moving-around routine but are never emotionally healthy. You'd see how they are sickly, as well. Why? Because over stress plus physical activities equal to exhaustion. And exhaustion is nothing but accumulation of stress---which is dangerous to health. Free radicals will just keep wrecking your health.

There's a world of a difference between walking fast while just enjoying the scenery around (not hurrying up for anything), and walking fast because you don't want to be late for an appointment or always hurrying up for something. The first is good for health, the other is disastrous. Your emotional condition matters a lot to your physical health.

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