Monday, February 27, 2017

Have You Been Too Busy?

Randy Glasbergen
We all want to be labeled "too busy" because it sounds productive. Well, you can count me out now because I've learned my lesson well here. I hate being tagged "too busy" because it makes you the most unproductive person in the universe.

I find myself too busy now and then especially when titles I have to write about pile up. That's when I realize I'm most unproductive. I do lots of works but I don't get to do what I really love doing. Yes, I love to write, but not for other people. I love to write for myself---for my own blogs.

Been away much of the recent holidays. I decided I'd just spend time in a farm or any place rural where life is simple and time is slow. I want to live a free life, free from being too busy. I just want to be "a bit busy" now and then with things I love doing---reading, cooking, blogging and spending quiet moments with God looking afar. To me, these are things that really matter. I'm productive when I do them.

I don't want to go back to doing anything that looks like work.

The reason why most people love being too busy is Job Security. Being buried in hard work makes them feel needed and important. In a sense, yes, but it's more like slavery to me. Like how the slaves in ancient Egypt were needed and important to build the huge pyramids. It's meaningless to be too busy like that---building pyramids for other people and later finding yourself dead and buried in that same pyramid, not as Pharaoh but as his slave. It's what makes most people exhausted and lonely.

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I'd prefer that no one needs me in their offices as an employee, but that everyone needs the product I sell in my own business. I want a business that would just render me "a bit busy" with the things I really love doing. Some folks are in business, but they turn their businesses into another form of slavery that makes them too busy. It's because of business security---they're scared of losing money.

Makes you understand more why fear is a cruel master. But God says perfect love casts out fear. You have to do what you love doing in life, and what you love doing in life will surely keep you from being too busy.

So, are you too busy?

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