Friends have been calling me Choy since I was 12. I have been a health buff since grade 6 when I started with jogging two hours a day even if I was slim. I was into martial arts so I had to improve my stamina and lung power.

Today, I'm still into martial arts, practicing my own style I call Sima, and teaching some youths the same. I'm also a wellness coach, certified by medical scientist Dr. Jose M. Oclarit during his stint with Vital C as medical consultant.

But I'm not here just to share wellness per se. I want to share everything I learn about life that makes me (and those I know) live it well. And that includes funny stories, career, family, relationships, food, health and wellness and of course supplements---plus a lot more.

Choy's Cut is about the best things in life, specifically to show you that the best things in life are simple. God made life simple so you'd get nothing but the best. That's one of the vital lessons I got from life and I want to share it with people through this blog. Believe me, a lot of people do not know this. You make life complicated and you mess it up and forfeit yourself of the best.

I love to ponder on God, life and people and ask God about them in my quiet moments. Later, I discovered that this is real wellness---when you develop the right mindset about these things. When you are living life well with God, then you have Wellness. And this genuine wellness was why Jesus came to earth. He said:
I came that you may have LIFE and have it abundantly.
That's true wellness to me.

Choy's Cut is about stories of some of the best things I have seen or heard on life, health, fitness and wellness. It's also about my experiences. I share them here in hopes that my readers and visitors would be helped.

But I caution you readers and visitors---always consult your medical doctor or medical expert before you try any of the things shared on this blog.

If you try anything without consulting a medical expert and something goes wrong, I or this blog won't be held responsible for it.

If you try something suggested here after your medical doctor approves of it, and something goes wrong, then your medical doctor should be held responsible for it, not me.