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Friends have been calling me Choy since I was 12. I have been a health buff since grade 6 when I started with jogging two hours a day even if I was slim. I was into martial arts so I had to improve my stamina and lung power.

Today, I'm still into martial arts, practicing my own style I call Sima, and teaching some youths the same. I'm also a wellness coach, certified by medical scientist Dr. Jose M. Oclarit during his stint with Vital C as medical consultant.

But I'm not here just to share wellness per se. I want to share everything I learn about life that makes me (and those I know) live it well. And that includes funny stories, career, family, relationships, food, health and wellness and of course supplements---plus a lot more.

Choy's Cut is about the best things in life, specifically to show you that the best things in life are simple. God made life simple so you'd get nothing but the best. That's one of the vital lessons I got from life and I want to share it with people through this blog. Believe me, a lot of people do not know this. You make life complicated and you mess it up and forfeit yourself of the best.

I love to ponder on God, life and people and ask God about them in my quiet moments. Later, I discovered that this is real wellness---when you develop the right mindset about these things. When you are living life well with God, then you have Wellness. And this genuine wellness was why Jesus came to earth. He said:
I came that you may have LIFE and have it abundantly.
That's true wellness to me.

Choy's Cut is about stories of some of the best things I have seen or heard on life, health, fitness and wellness. It's also about my experiences. I share them here in hopes that my readers and visitors would be helped.

But I caution you readers and visitors---always consult your medical doctor or medical expert before you try any of the things shared on this blog.

If you try anything without consulting a medical expert and something goes wrong, I or this blog won't be held responsible for it.

If you try something suggested here after your medical doctor approves of it, and something goes wrong, then your medical doctor should be held responsible for it, not me.


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HEALTH BENEFITS OF PATOLA: Don't Judge a Veggie by It's Rough Look

"Pulis patola" is a term popularized in Filipino movies on supposedly lousy cops. It denotes an inept policeman trained in a far-flung province where cops know nothing except probably to eat and sleep. But in the Filipino movies, the rustic "patola" cop turns out to be a good and skillful cop who manages to ruin a powerful syndicate singlehandedly.

Thus, "patola" or sponge gourd is a common rough-looking vegetable almost nobody pays attention to (some even smirks at the sigh to fit) and considered low class vegetable. Why "sponge" gourd? The core of the fruit looks like crude sponge, but it sure doesn't taste like one. Patola is  often mixed in soups, especially plain and ordinary miswa soup to add some sweet flavor to it. It's also cheap--just perfect for anyone aiming for health and fitness with middle income budget.

Here are some of its health benefits:
It's low in calories. If you're trying to lose weight, eat more of this to …

HOW HEALTHY IS BANANA CUE? For Banana Lovers Like Me

If you're a banana lover like me, you probably love eating banana cue and turon as well. Banana cue is dip frying "saba" or cardava banana rolled in brown sugar. Turon, on the other hand, is "saba" or cardava banana wrapped in egg-roll wrapper, the type used for spring rolls, sprinkled with brown sugar. Sometimes, they even put slices of langka or jackfruit in it. SM Save More outlets sellthem for only P15 per big piece.

Anyway, if you eat these cooked bananas, what health benefit do you get? Do you get all the health benefits bananas give?

Cooked bananas give you dietary fibers, nothing more, nothing less. Well, you also get some carbohydrates from the brown sugar and fat from the cooking oil. By the way, included here is sweetened "saba" which is banana boiled in water with brown sugar and sometimes added with vanilla extract. At least with this, you eliminate cooking oil.

Bananas are supposed to be super healthy with lots of vitamins and minerals …

Apple Stem Cell Health Benefits and Why You Need Them

We all know how advanced aging damages skin quality. But plant stem cells, especially from apples, were found to powerfully delay aging and its toll on the skin. This was discovered in many plant stem cell researches.  Stem cells are plant cells extracted from plant stems. As simple as that. So they're all-natural. And they divide and renew themselves continually as long as they're alive. Imagine if your cells are like that. Swiss Malus Domestica Apple plant stem cell (malus domestica) grown and enhanced in Switzerland since the 18th century is most apt for stimulating aging human skin stem cell, lessening unsightly skin wrinkles. It prolongs or extends the life of skin cells so you get a more youthful and radiant look.  When you age your skin cells' ability to divide slows down, unable to create enough new skin cells. So you get lots more of old or dying cells than new cells. These skin cells in your body must be replaced---and here is where the Swiss apple stem cells ent…