Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AvocaGurt for Breakfast

The very AvocaGurt I ate!
Avocagurt for breakfast, now that's something different! A real Choy’s Cut. As you have guessed, it's plump avocado scoops mixed with milk yogurt. But not just any yogurt. Try it with yogurt made from carabao's milk. It's naturally sweet, so no need to sweeten. But if you insist, then do so with wild honey.

So, yesterday I decided to have the creamy fruit delicacy for breakfast--a bowlful of it--and felt how it rejuvenated my energy. Wow! Just imagine all that omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B Vitamins, plus folate and potassium. That's not to mention the rich fibers for good digestion. And then the protein and calcium in carabao's milk yogurt and its reported anti-cancer properties.

And then last year came to mind..

Last year was when I was so absorbed in the bowlful of Avocado with milk I was devouring for breakfast when midway finishing it, I remembered I was lactose intolerant. Well, I finished off the remaining avocado pieces and slurped the remaining milk, though back in my mind I was beginning to worry what lactose intolerance could do to me.

Well, so far, I didn't feel anything, so I thought I had escaped trouble. God's mercy, for sure! So I left for the office and guess what happened while I was busy doing my work? You guessed it again! There was turbulence, a revolution of some kind. And it was urgent. It wanted to overthrow something like despotism on the inside of me. I had to check if the office toilet was available.

 "I told you Avocado with milk was powerful," myself was nagging me. Well, to add to the complication, there was no water in the faucet and the toilet looked very user-unfriendly. That's not to mention the small water transferring container, or tabo in the vernacular, had a big hole so that it could not hold water for long. What's happening here? my mind shouted. Is this some kind of a joke? Well, it isn't funny! Later, as the revolution was being pacified I vowed to myself never to use milk for Avocado again. Never! I researched and found out then that milk yogurt was better.

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The ordeal made me too careful about Avocado shakes and anything mixed with milk from then on. So, yesterday, while enjoying the powerful AvocaGurt for breakfast, I suddenly stopped and made sure that I was using yogurt, not milk. Well, I was....whiwss! Thank God! God is good, indeed!

In a way, I see Avocado like God's Word. It's powerful if mixed with the right creamer, which in my case was milk yogurt. Use God's Word with the wrong "creamer" or intention and you'd need to run to a spiritual restroom to be relieved of something like despotism..

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