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Topu and Fork and Other Similar Diches

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You've probably enjoyed tofu and pork dishes as I have, and they're among my favorites, by the way, especially when cooked with a dash of Chinese flavorings. My friend told me her secret is to splash some Worcestershire sauce as the food dish is simmering. Some say it's the Chinese cooking wine that makes the difference.

Anyway, some people stubbornly insist topu and fork are best cooked with black beans and soy bean cake or fermented tofu (or what Tagalogs call tahure). And that the same goes for other similar diches. Diches? Ditches I know of which Maynilad is fond of making in the streets come rainy season, but diches?

And topu and fork--I didn't know some people cooked fork for dinner. Not even zombies would do that. But that was how this guy put it--topu and fork and other similar diches. Well, the hint to breaking his hieroglyphical speech may be found in how he spelled "packs" as "fax" when he once ordered some boxes of our supplement juice through text message.

I asked our secretary if the guy was saying bad words, but the secretary assured me he wasn't. Just a case of typo error, she said, and then laughed diabolically. How can anyone misspell tofu and pork? After sampling a rice soup side-dish of fried-to-a-crisp tofu cubes and boiled pork, all splashed with a measure of vinegar and soy sauce plus a piece of chopped red chili, you can never misspell tofu and pork again! I mean, the mouthwatering memory will stick to your mind like how tofu sticks to the pan with less oil.

It's tofu and pork or pork and tofu, got it? And everything is delicious with any recipe using tofu and pork, and similar dishes as well. Not similar diches, but similar dishes. Like pork and tofu adobo dish. Have you tried that? In high school, after a bout of boxing, my huge Chinese classmate invited me for lunch and offered me Tofu and Pork Adobo which tasted like barbecue!

Well, going back to this hieroglyphical customer, some people can say one thing and mean another. Or, they may say one thing and other guys may take it to have other meanings, simply because of the way they misspell or mispronounce words. Communication takes accuracy to consummate. That's why God was specific and clear about what he said in the bible--and I can imagine how resonant his voice must have been and how perfect his diction.

Inaccurate communication cannot accomplish anything right, and it's like mixing topu and fork into similar diches that end up in the trash instead of the dinner table. You cannot be lousy with how you "pronounce" the Word of God in your life and expect your words to be served in God's feast. So, better practice saying "tofu" and "pork" from now on. The same with other similar "dishes." If you cannot pronounce it, I wonder, can you cook it?


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