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Why Tea Persons Shine Under Pressure: Are You a Tea Person?

Do you love tea? I love tea--as long as it isn't derived from Camellia Sinensis which has caffeine. But it's the real tea. What I drink are teas from other sources--mangosteen, banaba, mornga, or camote tops. Or any tea without caffeine.

But I'm not talking about tea drinkers here. You can be a tea person without loving tea. Tea persons are folks who shine--or do lots better--when they're under pressure. They're also like volcanoes. They seem harmless and quiet until they erupt. Then you see their real nature--the one that's been kept inside. Tea people seem quiet, timid, and weak--until they find themselves in hot water.

With the right pressure, they either do better work or become so angry. Like tea--the hotter the water you pour on it, the stronger the extract you get. Have you tried pouring cold or boiling water on tea? Try and you'd see what I mean.

However, some tea persons have mastered their nature so that dormant, awesome or explosive, they manage…

PNP-SAF Mamasapano Debacle: Why We have to Stop Sacrificing Heroes

Doubtless, it was tragic. A bunch of highly trained police commandos were out to serve an arrest warrant to notorious terrorists--without backing from government, especially the AFP. Arrest warrants are served by the police, not the army, but with notorious highly trained and well supported terrorists, the warrant ought to be served heavily backed by the army.

In this case, the SAF operation only became known to the top SAF commander--and the government--amid fierce fighting and when casualties were already hopelessly heavy--and that at a site nearly impossible to quickly access. It was like a suicide mission--or perhaps a sacrificial mission?

I reviewed the profiles of the 44 fallen heroes--so young and promising, some graduates of our police academy and some of criminology colleges. They had tough training as elite forces of the Special Action force. No doubt, cream of the crop. And they were merely "wasted" there. Well, they hit the objective right between the eyes which…

Opening Remarks: Why Something Needs to be Said Before Something Can be Done

Some folks hate talks and believe that action is all we need to get things done. Cut the crap talk and let's just do it, right? Well, look at God--he didn't just do it. He had to say something before things got created. A lot of times, you have to word the idea to form a mental vision. And then you pursue that vision. Where there is no vision, people die [Proverbs 29.18].

How to Effectively Pray for a Miracle: Experience the Supernatural NOW!

How many miracles do you encounter a day? There are folks who say everything around us is a miracle. The mere fact that we woke up this morning and are alive is a powerful miracle in itself. But often, they say these things just to hide the fact that astounding, supernatural miracles very rarely happen today, if any.

Yeah, life itself is a powerful miracle. But face it--we don't see the miracles Jesus did in Scriptures anymore today--or the miracles done through the apostles and prophets, the men of God in the bible, and the Acts church. It's not that God made them stop happening in our times--in fact, Jesus said anyone who has faith in him will do the same things he did, and even do greater things.

But where are the authentic miracles now? If they ever do happen, they look more like coincidence than intended by God.

But miracles can still happen, and there are ways to make them effective in your life even today--if you know the bible principles.

Do You Badly Need a Miracle NO…

How to Make People LIKE You

There's a time to love and a time to hate, says Ecclesiastes. When it's time for people to love, how do you take advantage of it to the max? Can you? You can if you know the human relations principles behind in it.

Hopia Soup: My Kind of Life

The life I really want is what I'm not living right now. Now, don't take me wrong. I'm not dissatisfied or complaining. I have a wife and kids I love and we're happy and content in God. But being content doesn't take away dreaming and being ambitious. You have the freedom to pursue them while in contentment, and if per chance they remain elusive, then it doesn't matter. 

SINULOG FESTIVAL: A Correct Perspective of the Tradition and of Christianity in the Philippines

The third week of January marks the famous Sinulog Festival in the Vasayan region, particularly Cebu, Misamis Oriental, and Southern Leyte. The festival observes the fact how natives of the Visayas accepted Christianity (Roman Catholicism in particular) in the early 1500s and abandoned their native animist religion. There, the Santo Nino or boy Jesus was introduced, as well.

It's Time Your Imagination and Talent Sell: Here's How to Do it Online

No person on earth can say he or she has no talent or imagination. We're all gifted with them. And the best thing is, we can make money with them. In fact, our talents and imagination are worth more than just a monthly salary. They're worth a fortune--if we know how to use them for the purpose.

It all has to do with writing online. "But I'm not a writer!" you may say. Well, believe it or not, as long as you have fingers and an idea, you can write. You don't have to be a writer to be able to write. Just write. It's like talking. Some people are gifted talkers, but it doesn't mean you cannot talk just because you're not a talker.

You can do blogs even in Tagalog or Taglish or Martian--whatever language you're comfortable with. And don't tell me you don't have ideas you write about.

The first question is--what are you good at? Or, what are your hobbies and interests? If say, you're an OFW taking care of kids or old people, then you c…

IS EXERCISE ENOUGH? What We Don't Know About Exercise Will Hurt Us

Regular exercise is a great stress reliever. Yet, here's what most people probably do not know. Exercise, too, creates stress--oxidative stress to be exact. This is particularly true with aerobics exercises. As you take in more oxygen during workouts, the process burns more oxygen as well which creates free radicals. The more free radicals your body has the more stress it suffers.

Lessons From the People's Pope: Why People Everywhere Love Him

The present Catholic pope, Pope Francis, is simply phenomenal in the way he attracts people. Well, past popes also attracted crowds everywhere they went, but Pope Francis is different in that he is popularly tagged as the "People's Pope." No other pope in history was given that label.

In fact, he even made it to Time Magazine's front page cover being Person of the Year. So, what is it about him that made him the popular people's choice?

The Best and Cheapest Detox You Can Have Daily: Costs Only a Few Cents a Day

Why is Detox Important for You?

Probably everyday we hear or read about "detox" on the Net. And mostly, when something becomes a byword, either of two things happens--you become so curious you do everything to find out what it's all about, or you disregard it, thinking it just another fad--especially if you're the anti-fad type.

Actually, detoxification, or detox for short, is a natural process the body does now and then, especially each early morning. Each time you sweat, urinate, or move your bowel, your body detoxifies. Early in the morning, at about 4 to 6 am, is when your body does its major detox work. Without detox, your body retains toxins and infections that managed to slip into your system through food, water, and the environment and lurk in your body.

Why Cold Baths Boost Your Immune System and Slim You Down: So, Cold Baths, Anyone?

Since December last year, mornings have been getting colder in Metro Manila. This January is worse--almost the whole day gets cold. And they say it will be even worse as we approach the first week of February and during. So what do we do? Naturally, most of us boil water to mix with a pail of cold water.

Well, some researches say we may be forfeiting ourselves of immune boosts whenever we prefer warm baths to cold ones. I admit that I'm among those who can't stand freezing water during cold days, especially early in the morning or in the evening. I must boil water. But I remedy this--after completing my (a bit of a) warm bath, I pour 4 to 5 dippers of cold water on me to conclude it. That gives me a bit of an immune boost. But then, that's no substitute for a cold bath.

How to Lose Weight with GOD's WORD and Medical Science EBook: Powerful and Scientific!

Faith with Works that Work!

If you have faith in God, you can use it to empower your weight loss efforts and finally get the health and body shape you want. And what if someone tells you how it all fits with what medical science has to say on weight loss?

This e-book teaches you how it all works. Pertinent Scripture passages in the bible can inspire you to keep up with faith that empowers your determination to reach your weight loss goals and scientific medical facts can boost your belief in it! This is faith with works and faith that works, especially if you really keep at it without fail.

It has the same principle when you combine religious faith with economics to keep your home finances working. You get a job so you have money to finance your family's need, and you mix that with the belief that God will help you make ends meet.

Getting a motto or slogan keeps you focused. Big and small corporations do that. God also does that. It encapsulates ideals or principles so we can stay…

La Traviesa: Beautiful and Romantic Even with a Signal 3 Typhoon

We went to La Traviesa early December in 2014 for an overnight trip. My sister and niece had booked earlier so there was no way we could cancel the trip even if Metro Manila was then threatened by a super typhoon. Weathermen could not pinpoint where exactly landfall was going to be--the Visayas or Metro Manila.

BLOGS: The Way to Make Money Online with Freedom and Your Hobby

It's a dream partly come true--writing online for money. I have monetized my blogs and also write for other sites with pay, but it's still far from what I want. I want to earn huge money writing online--something that can fully support Kingdom ministries God envisions for me. I used to dream of publishing printed books, but thank God for online publishing. You can easily get published with a blog site with some knowledge of internet technology.

Korean Versus Pinoy TV Programs: The Big Difference is Plot Quality and Values

I and my wife have been enjoying Korean TV soaps for months now over Pinoy ones. The big difference is plot quality and values, not the costly production. Take Empress Ki for instance. You never know what happens next, plots are obviously well thought of, and the intellectual audience is well considered. The scenes are not designed for mindless viewers who make up the bulk of fans clubs and who just shriek whenever their favorite showbiz personalities appear.

Space Savers: Today's Home Trends in the Increasingly Congested MManila

Since college, I've always been fascinated by well and accurately designed small spaces.

Big houses and mansions were welcome sights, but my heart jumped with delight whenever space savers popped up in classroom discussions at the institute of architecture in FEU.

Small but functional, that was my favorite cup of tea. Even today. I incorporate the concept in my house, workplace, ministry, and martial arts.

Land doesn't increase (except for reclaimed areas, which is a dangerous way of cheating nature), but the population does on a daily basis.

As of 2010, Metro Manila population was said to be growing annually at 2.2 percent, registering 11.8 million plus for that year, says the National Statistics Office. With a land area of 638.6 square kilometers, how much does each of us get if we divide Metro Manila equally among us?

A 2.2 percent annual increase is 259,600 yearly. Correct me if I'm wrong. So, if we're 11.8 million in all in 2010 and it's 2015 now, we're 1…

Why Eating Right Before Bedtime Can Make You Sick: Tips for Healthy Eating at Night

If you come home late from the office and the stressful work and traffic make you famished when you get home--and your wife who loves you cooks a big, delicious dinner as a reward--you're setting yourself up for a major illness. Eating right before bedtime can make you sick, experts say.

It will all start with acid reflux, or sometimes called GERD or stomach acidity. After you eat, digestive enzymes and acids are released in your stomach to break down food further and get the nutrients and separate wastes. But because you're tired and a full stomach makes you terribly sleepy, you lay down just a few minutes after supper. So, instead of keeping all that food down in your stomach you spread it a bit around along with the acids that often find their way back to your esophagus. Thus, the "reflux" which is dangerous.

Why an EBook Library Instead

At home we enjoy our ancestral library my dad had constructed for his children back in 1969. Being a bibliophile or a lover of books, he wanted to pass on the legacy by devoting one special room in our home to books. I love that room, but I seldom have time to go there to check out old books in the shelves because I'm tied to my desktop almost all day.

So one day I decided, why not an e-book library? Since I, my wife, and two kids are often in front of the PC monitor, an e-book library is a good idea. Here are advantages. Ebooks cannot be:

The Six O'Clock Habit

I and my wife have been very seriously considering doing it despite our impossibly hectic schedules. It's all worth it to have a six o'clock habit,  a time for laying everything aside and discussing the Word of God with gusto and in a relaxed atmosphere--you know, with a tall glass of iced fresh fruit juice and some fresh strawberries or grapes while in the cool comforts of our terrace overlooking the village. Every 6:00 pm.

We managed to do one successfully and are about to launch our second one. It's supposed to promote family bonding more, more openness with each other, and deeper Scripture familiarization. And health, too, especially when we also plan to do a short Zumba session right after--or something to that effect. I think every family needs to do this, I mean together, at home.