Saturday, March 14, 2015

Laugh Your Way Out of Sadness: Why Laughter is Not Just the Best Medicine

Thank God for laughter and a sense of humor. Without this mechanisms, life vicissitudes will be much less tolerable. If you want a quick change of topic in your life, you can do it by simply laughing. It's as easy as changing the channel on your TV or radio set.

No doubt, life should be taken seriously, but not to the extent of being seriously ill for it. I take life seriously, but with lots of breaks for laughter and good jokes. If you see me in person, I look serious and sometimes even meanly at that. A lot of folks are alarmed when I stare at them. I watch them tremble as I scrutinize their person. Well, that's me. I've been like that ever since--and I don't know why. Probably my decades of martial arts training.

Mean but Often, I Don't Mean To

Anyway, my serious looks would easily fool you because inside, I'm really a relaxed and patient guy. I am one so easy to appreciate clean jokes and lots of good laughter. And I'm also easy to please. Just give me a smile and it'd be smooth sailing from there.

My point is, I can quickly switch to laughing mode. I see funny things in almost everything and that enables me relax even during tight situations. Being free from stress that could hold or freeze me, I can think better and assess my situation more reasonably. And that makes it easier to get out of needless emotional sufferings like sadness. That's why folks find me always cool, relaxed, and unperturbed, always patient and calm, able to maintain presence of mind. This is God's grace to me.

Well, you won't find me literally always laughing. I laugh mentally, especially during moments that call for seriousness and solemnity. You can't keep me from laughing just because of the solemn moment we may have for the moment. You won't hear or see it but I can laugh out loud even in times like that through my mind. I'm a free spirit.

Laughter is not just the best medicine--it's the best way to survive life, especially when dealing with its emotional distresses. It's the best door to freedom, and it always lies open for you to walk in any time you need to. It's among God's graces to man. And yes, we all have the ability to do it. And here's how to discover your ability for it.

Proven Techniques to Turn Sadness to Joy!

So learn how to enjoy laughter, even laughing at your own mistakes. It's lots better than a trip around the world with stress and sadness as your companions. Here's an e-book that can help you turn your sadness into laughter. With practice, you can do this at will, and it will take effect instantly. You can be laughing the very instant you feel sad! Believe me, we have not yet discovered the full powers of our minds--especially the mind's ability to command the body, even pain and emotions.

The ebook, "How to Turn Your Loneliness to Laughter" is written by my blogging associate who just wants to be known online plainly as the "Loneliness Guru," claiming to have mastered loneliness and how to reign over it through years of dealing successfully with it--specifically turning sadness to laughter. Knowing this guy, he has experienced one of the most bitter lives ever lived on this planet--and yet survived with top performance and prevailed.

In his ebook, he gives proven tips on how to cope with sadness, misfortunes, failures, and dreams and ambitions that never prospered--even a failed love life--and even come out a real happy winner, enjoying a full life, in the end!

To buy, click this link.

After paying through Paypal, you immediately get your PDF copy of the e-book. Paying through the other options, you wait for a day or less after emailing the necessary information.

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