Monday, March 9, 2015

McDo Muffin Day: What a National Breakfast Treat Feels Like and What It May be All About

Just to see how a McDonald's National Breakfast Treat is like, I decided to visit the nearest McDo outlet in our area. I woke up at 5 am (my sister even texted to make sure I was already awake) and prepared to troop to the outlet with my wife and youngest kid. My older kid wanted to go but the cold early morning proved too much for him. He passed.

At 6 am, we got to the outlet and people were already waiting in line. Not that long, though, so I felt elated--I didn't have to wait long to get my sausage muffin. I told a tricycle driver if he was aware that McDo was buying 1,000 folks a muffin breakfast each, on the house. He was shocked. "For free?" He asked in spite of my explanation.

Cars were also waiting in a long line along Road 20. I got my cam out and started taking pictures. It was an exciting scene. Folks from all walks of life walked there with their kids and spouses to get a free meal from McDo. And I felt like it was some special day--imagine, getting a free meal. And it was a meal. I mean, the muffin sandwich had a whole egg and flat sausage. That's lots of protein and carbohydrates.

I watched people's faces and reactions. Some handed their coupons at the counter like it was their constitutional right to get the muffin. Some were excited and others were grateful, probably first timers as I was. Some just went in and claimed the free muffin and got out, just like that--many of them high school students.

I felt so good getting a free breakfast, though I could easily afford a muffin. I was thinking, McDonald's was so kind and thoughtful to treat its customers (which, for sure, are also patrons of McDo's competitors) a free breakfast. It's actually a good marketing strategy. It shows:

  • McDonald's is unique with its customer service, especially how it values customers.
  • The company is making good money, easily affording free meals to outlet customers nationwide.
  • Most Filipinos have a "you owe me one" mentality. You do them a favor or buy them a free meal and they'd never forget that. In fact, they'd even feel "indebted" in some way because of it. So a free meal may be one good way of hooking customers to your products. 

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