Friday, March 20, 2015

Want to Try Basic Snorkeling?
One summer day of 1980 (I was in third year college) we tried snorkeling out on the coasts of Bagac, Bataan. From the National Power Corporation rest houses we rode a private jeep to the Bagac beach with some food and snacks, and of course, our goggles. The water was fine--blue and crystal clear--and you'd be surprised at the white sand on the shore. Not so white though, but it was white.

After testing the cool waters that morning (about 9 am), we swam  to chest deep waters and started our snorkeling. I was surprised that at chest deep we saw corals and fish and the other colorful under water sea life of Bagac. None of us were expert divers then but we took some tips from the native divers in the area who did deep sea dives organically--without scuba gears.

And I was so fascinated! At once, I wanted to be like that--being able to dive deeply with just raw fresh oxygen in my lungs. I think I did mention somewhere here on my blog (or was it on my other blog?) that I once dreamed of being a Philippine Navy sailor.

So we wore our goggles and breathed deeply to reserve enough oxygen in our lungs and dived. It was difficult trying to stay under water because sea water made you easily float. But a trick I learned was to keep your feet and legs up so your body would tilt down from head to waist and stay underwater, enjoying the unique sights. Then just keep kicking your feet to push your self further down, aided by the your hands now and then. At that shallow level, we already marveled at the world underneath.

What more if you were deep-sea diving?

The small colorful fish were just a grab away from us but your arm grab could never outdo the speed at which they swam away. Then they would stay just outside your grab and then come close again, as if daring you to try another grab.

At lunch time we had kinilaw na dilis, paksiw na isda, and rice and then we went back snorkeling. It was addicting. We had bread and peanut butter for snacks. It was a simple picnic. Then at 3 pm when we felt the waves were beginning to rise and strengthen, we decided to call it a day.

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