Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What If Your Ambition Doesn't Come True?
Probably 7 of 10 ambitions don't come true. I've talked to lots of people who dreamed and aimed at being this but ended up being that. Watch this--
  • A medtech who is now in library science
  • An architect who is now a farmer
  • An IT who is now in business selling books
  • Countless medicine and nursing graduates who are now call center agents
  • Teachers and commerce graduates who are now in Hong Kong as DHs
  • An architect who's now a pastor
  • Engineers who are into full-time life insurance selling
  • Journalism graduate now into full-time store management
So, what's your chances of having your ambition come true?

Ambitions are mostly inspirations for us to pursue forward, but what we actually end up with is what's available to us in real life. Most of us cannot be choosers--we grab what's available before us. It was my ambition to be an army general (preferably with the Scout Rangers) or navy commander and had prepared myself for PMA training in Baguio. I tried to be among the top in Math subjects (I heard PMA was Math intensive) and worked out a lot physically. But when the time came, the opportunity wasn't available. 

So I ended up with BS Architecture, and which is why I'm a writer-blogger today (I'm laughing).

Did I fail? Just because my ambition never materialized doesn't mean I failed. God allows us to pursue our interests but the final decisions are still his. "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps," [Proverbs 16.9]. And again, "To humans belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the proper answer of the tongue," [Proverbs 16.1]. 

So, what if your ambition doesn't come true? Well, doesn't matter. Just go on with where the Lord leads you. Just follow his bidding. In my case, I was hurt a bit when the ambition fizzled out in the end. But later, I saw why. And today, looking back, I just smile and sigh--those were the days. I'm happy where I am and with what I do. There can't be another meaningful career than this. God really knows what's best.

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