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Why Bones Get Brittle without Vitamin C 
We were never told that lack of Vitamin C will make our bones brittle. All we know of bone health is to take enough calcium. Not Vitamin C. With Vitamin C, all we know is that it's good for body resistance against cold, cough and scurvy. Well, they didn't actually lie to us--they just didn't tell us everything there was to know. They probably also didn't know about these things.

But it came out in The Journal of Biological Chemistry. A study was done which discovered the pivotal role of Vitamin C in bone health. It's not just calcium we need but Vitamin C as well. In particular, the study found out that taking a bit more of Vitamin C (slightly higher than just getting enough for your immune health) actually promotes higher bone mass, lowering, if not preventing, bone fracture incidence. 

Osteoporosis drugs only take care of osteoclasts, or those cells that destroy bones. They do not rehabilitate and build up bones like Vitamin C does. This vitamin stimulates osteoblast cell production, building bone cells in the process, promoting constant bone renewal. I never knew this till I stumbled upon it one day while doing a research for a client. Now I know I have to take a little bit more of Vitamin C for my bones.

You see, if you'd just rely on traditional facts discovered eons ago and never update yourself with your own online research, you'd miss a lot and no one would care enough to tell you about them, especially not those you pay exorbitant medical fees to. Some medical experts are afraid you might really get well so they never tell you everything. Self medication through Google is not a good thing (you need your regular medical check up) but you need to do your own medical research now and then to cross check and update.

Anyway, citrus fruits and other fruits are rich in Vitamin C, so eat as much as you can, but I must warn you--many of them are loaded with chemical pesticides that poison your system aside from wreck your bone health. And with the fact that Vitamin C quickly evaporates from fruits when they are mishandled during delivery or sits a long time in fruit stalls or at the grocery store, I doubt if you'd get enough of it for your immune system. What more for your bone health?

That's why I supplement with Vital C. I eat lots of fruits when they're around and love drinking fresh fruit juices like kalamansi juice, but I never settle for them. I take non-acidic Vitamin C supplements to make sure. It's got to be non-acidic, like Vital C. Anyway, you can never "overdose" with Vitamin C because once your body has enough, it automatically gets rid of excess Vitamin C through your urine and sweat. Your body doesn't store or manufacture Vitamin C.

So count on it, you will only gain health with Vitamin C:
  • Immune boost
  • Delayed aging
  • Fat burning and weight loss
  • Cleansing and detox
  • Bone health 


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