Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You Need a New Job? Here's How to Get It and Prepare for It

You think you need a new job? You want to get out of that company you're working for now and start a new adventure somewhere else? If you think you deserve it (and perhaps you do), then here's what I suggest.

When I was still doing jobs, I decided to transfer company several times. And with God's help, I was able to do that. It was an adventure--you never know what would happen or even if another company would indeed take you in. To make matters worse, I had no school credentials--even a fake diploma--to show for it. I just handed my resume, that's all. I often got big points to my credit during interviews. I enjoyed interviews so much.

To get a new job, you should do 2 main things first:
  1. You should be confident about it. In my case, I prayed to God for the confidence.
  2. You should be good at talking fluently and writing well. It's easy when you pray and practice.
Practice, practice, practice!

Next, don't be choosy with job position. What I did was to search the classified ads and cut out everything that I could do--marketing, PR, writing, training, office works, call center jobs, etc. I sent my resume to all the job openings that fitted me--regardless of position--and prayed. Out of 10 to 20 applications, I would get 2 to 3 calls and report excitedly. You see, attitude is a major thing here. You have to be positive and excited.

If this week nothing happens, then get excited about what would happen next week. And so on, until you land on a new job. Job hunting is easy if you level up on your skills. and you need to focus on only four things:
  • Talking skills (being fluent in speaking English and Tagalog)
  • Writing skills
  • Typing skills 
  • Analytical skills
You master these things and keep advancing in them, you'd always get the job you want--even if you transfer companies now and then.

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