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THE MORE UNNATURAL THE MORE IT MAKES US SICK: How an Ailment-Free Body is Possible

It's all so simple, really. The farther away we drift from natural food, the sicker we get and the deadlier diseases become. In fact, new, strange, and deadlier ailments will keep popping up from nowhere if we don't stop mutating the food we eat.

To rake in bigger profits, some food businesses find short cuts on how to make production have greater output at a cheaper price. It's harder and more costly to grow real apples, for instance, so what they do is chemically produce artificial products with identical tastes, put in other artificial flavors and lots of sugar and pass that off to us as an "apple drink."

Now they're changing how food products are sweetened cheaply. Instead of using sugar which requires large amounts to sweeten food, they just use aspartame. A little bit of it goes a long way, in fact, a much longer way than you think, even sending people to hospital beds for deadly diseases like diabetes or cancer, or worse, an early grave.

The more unnat…


LABOR DAY is when everybody appreciates workers, especially government and private companies (supposedly). Without laborers no industry can thrive--for now--as long as industries are not yet fully automated--which big companies aim to do. And by the looks of it, they will, soon.

I wonder what Labor Day would be when that time comes--when everything is done by robots. Would they call it Robot Day in honor of machines? And would government also follow suit--employing robots instead of human employees? To some, this seems absurd, if not impossible. But I can easily envision it. What humans then would primarily do is earn a livelihood selling stuff on the Internet. No more human labor, so the logical thing to do is do a business.

You may do business offline, but a large majority of humanity will just be staying home. No point in going to your place of business physically to open it because everything will be automated. When someone wants to buy anything, he simply searches the Net and pa…


God is fair and he put great abilities and gifts in each of us to make us all competitive in life. We all have the potential to succeed, each in his own field. God didn't create anyone to fail forever. Yeah, learning from failures is vital key to real success but no one is doomed to fail all his or her life. That I can be sure of--a Choy's Cut you can count on.

The only problem is how to tap the hidden boldness in you, the daring to take risks and keep on until you succeed, no matter the times you failed. That boldness is often hidden deep inside, especially for those who were created with a quiet disposition and are meek and too patient. Some, on the other hand, are too pessimistic to believe--due to unfortunate experiences in life--and they can't see themselves achieving anything great in their lives.

Some get too confident and lose everything, all the while deluded into thinking what great successes they are.

We all have the capacity to be brave and daring--and succeed…

HOW TO BEAT FLOYD MAYWEATHER IN THE RING: In the Eyes of a Street Fight Instructor

I don't want to title this article, "How Pacquiao Can Beat Mayweather" because I don't think anyone in the Philippines can tell Manny how to do his job. But I want to imagine what I'd do if I were to face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring as an amateur boxer. So I'd be asking myself--how to beat Floyd Mayweather the shortest possible time?

First, I'd be doubly fast. Sometimes, you see Mayweather fast with his hands during shadow boxing sessions but during actual fights he tends to slow down and focus more on punching power. I'd take advantage of that. I need to move in fast and release combination punches at the shortest time possible and then get out of his firing line and his reach fast. And then come back in at the right time.

Speed and Distance are Vital Here

Now that takes super footwork and punching speed. I need to close in to him rather than stay out of his reach all the time. Since he's taller than I am (I stand about as tall as Pacquiao …

Boating and Fish Feeding at Nuvali

Recently we had a clan trip (we were 16 in all) to Tagaytay City for a break. But before going to Tagaytay, we dropped by Nuvali for a boat ride and fish feeding. Again, before we did that, we celebrated my niece's birthday by eating snacks at the Nuvali parking lot--something new to me. We had pancit noodles, fish fillet, ice cream and cake.

Then we had the boat ride and fish feeding. The boat ride was wonderful and feeding the fish was stress-relieving. The boat was motorized so all we had to do was sit and enjoy the scenery--and got splashed with water. Fish feeding was at the dock area.

At Tagaytay (our favorite vacation venue), I and my dear wife had an adventurous walking trek to enjoy the cool morning and delightful sunlight. Well, before that (the day before) the afternoon was amazingly cool (a welcome change from the hot afternoons in Manila) and the night was pleasantly cold. We had dinner at a nearby Jollibee fast food store on its second floor where the cold wind gave…

HOW TO GET BETTER AS YOU AGE: Don't be Outdone by Wines

Wines know the right principle--the better they get as they age. Why can't people see that? Are wines better than people? Definitely not. But we often choose to just take this wisdom for granted. Look at Moses and Caleb. They got the principle right and never got old as they aged. In fact, they looked better. 
Listen to this and learn something: "The aging of wine is potentially able to improve the quality of wine," says Wikipedia. Aging improves. See that? Are you getting a revelation here? God did not design aging so we can deteriorate. If he designed aging to better wine quality, how much more us? 
It's like, "If God clothes the grass of the fields which is here today and burned tomorrow, how much more us?" Of course, sin destroys. But that's exactly why God wants us holy and why he makes it possible through Christ. Grapes get wrinkled and rotten in time, but God can make them better through the aging process he provided. He provided holiness to work t…

Household Churches

HISGROUP. Churches in the Book of Acts were household churches. But today, household churches are laughed at, if not belittled or considered cultic. Funny, isn’t it? Church people have become so accustomed to church buildings that they find house churches weird and even heretic.

When I tell church folks how the church God gave me just meets regularly in homes and “pastored” by parents I disciple, they find it very strange and think we’re terribly in error or just playing around. Unless they see you meeting in a building they call “church,” your church isn’t church to them. They call it a mere bible study or cell group.
It worsens when I tell them I have no intention whatsoever of registering it with the SEC or giving it an official name. To them that’s either mortal sin or plain stupid. And the number one problem they see is how I’d be able to accept donations for the church.
I didn't know that was a problem. So what if there are no donations?
My Jesus never had his church ministry re…

Smokers Get Younger

No kidding--smokers get younger. I mean, more and more kids smoke today. Everywhere I look I see kids--merely in high school--wasting their allowance on cigarettes. And they look like it's some kind of an achievement.

Before, kids trying to smoke hid from plain view. Today, they smoke openly in the streets and parks and some of them smoke with their parents. No kidding.

Government is trying to control this by increasing taxes on cigarettes, as if that were a solution. It's like banning parents from giving kids school allowance. You know it won't work, besides being ridiculous. I wonder why government can't plain ban cigarettes in the country when other countries are doing it?

Even funnier is how natural health supplements are not allowed to declare therapeutic claims but cigarettes are allowed to be sold in public. And yet they all admit that cigarettes can kill you.

Anyway, smoking cannot be remedied by laws or taxes. It should all start in the family, particularly w…

Jesus Discipleship is NOT Bible Studies

HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. When you talk of discipleship, churches are likely to think of bible studies in small groups. The Jesus discipleship does use cell grouping, but it's definitely not bible studies as churches today use the term bible studies. It's not even a church program or activity, in the sense that people today use the term church. I like saying that an authentic Jesus discipleship is really camaraderie, the same camaraderie you find in a closely knit family, with the discipler getting all the support. For instance, camaraderie in doing a project. The discipler gets a Word from God about a task he must do and all his disciples join in on it. Let's say, the discipler gets an impression that he must buy a certain book. His disciples join him buy it from a bookstore--even share a certain amount for the payment--and read it after the discipler does. It's camaraderie to help the discipler fulfill his call from God. That's authentic Jesus discipleship. Doing bibl…

Now You Can LOVE TO STOP SMOKING with This

When I run early mornings, I see a weird scene in the neighborhood--folks smoking cigarettes to "exercise" their lungs with. Instead of filling up their lungs with fresh air, they fill it with deadly pollution--and look casual about it all. Even look smart.

I was buying hot pandesal one morning and there was this guy who stood a few distance away as he breathed cigarette smoke in and out, as if that was safe enough for non-smokers around him. Worse was another guy I and my dear wife saw as we were brisk walking one afternoon. He was with his small toddler as he blew his cigarette smoke on the poor kid.

What's with cigarettes that smokers risk the lives of their loved ones just to enjoy puffing them? Tell me, what benefit do you get from smoking? It's crazy, but there it is--people invest money all their lives on something that will kill them and their loved ones.

But they wouldn't buy natural health products. Strange.

How to Love Stopping Yourself from Smoking

I …

NAPS IN THE EARLY AFTERNOON: What Health Disaster Happens If You Don't Take Them

It's official. Naps in the early afternoon are healthy--and you can't afford to do without them, especially if you are working. Actually, kids and adults both need naps. According to America's National Sleep Foundation, "A short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance." We all need that regardless of age.

But what if you ignore taking naps? The worst disadvantage is that your fatigue and stress continue through the day. The Mayo Clinic Blog (.org) talked about "reduced fatigue" as among benefits of naps in one of its articles. Naps serve as time-out sessions from stressful punishments your body takes in so that your exposure is cut for a while instead of being subjected to them the whole day. 

After napping, you are greatly re-charged and your body and mind recovered to face another round of fatigue and stress. You have more fighting chances of winning against free radical damage and enjoy a bit more of delayed aging.


What's China Up to On Our West Philippine Seas?

Pouring concrete on precious island reefs to build airstrips? For what? China has been destroying our maritime environment and I can't understand why when they have vast lands right in their home to build airstrips on. Strategic airstrip? Why near us? Against whom?

And why is the US too concerned over it, too? Concern for a friend? Ows?

I heard a story and it's a likely scenario. These giants (China and the US) have discovered a great source of energy that can well replace oil and fuel which are hinted to be near depletion worldwide. If this is true, no wonder Japan and Korea are making their presence felt on our west Philippine seas, too. Could Bill Gates' recent visit to Palawan also had to do with it? I'm not sure, but he was said to have donated huge sum for a "project" there or else bought property.

It's funny--the Philippines is said to sit on a vast source of natural resources vital to industrialized nations, but all we could do about it is wonder…

Realistic Weight Loss Breakfast for the Lower Middle Income Group

They always say breakfast is the priority and crucial meal of all, so make sure never to miss it. And then they give us samples of a healthy, balanced, and slimming breakfast guaranteed to trim our waists and lower our weights down.

Question is, who can afford them? Only the rich. And you know who needs health and fitness more these days? Folks who belong to the middle income--particularly the lower middle income. Why? Because they make up most of the working class in this country--people who move the economy up. If they get sick, imagine what happens to the economy, even with billionaire capitalists around.

So one day, I thought of formulating a realistic weight loss breakfast for the lower middle income group--something very affordable, common, but healthy. Most folks on FB fall under this income category so spread the word around and tell them of this new health finding--a definite good news to all.

Here's what I gathered. I made a weekly breakfast schedule. After taking 3 gla…

Going Out on a Hot Night

It's Friday night and terribly hot here in Quezon City. I get out to walk the streets for a while and try to get some air. There's no wind blowing. But at least it's a bit cooler than inside the house in my office cubicle. I walk leisurely as I head for the grocery store about 3 blocks away.

The grocery glass doors are closed. That makes you think there's air-conditioning inside. But when I open them, a hot blast of air greets me. It's worse inside, but at least there are fans and piped in music. I take a can of Highland corned beef and present it at the cashier--P70 plus. I am astonished a small can of beef like that can cost so much.

I walk out the grocery and stroll along the dark street toward home. At 7.30 in the evening, people still busily go to and fro and tricycles still line up to wait for passengers. But I'm always alert, watching people around me and those walking near and far. I watch out for people riding motorcycles in tandem or cars with tinted…

Choy's Cut is Mine: Time to Celebrate!

Wow! Praise God! Choy's Cut is now mine. It's a paid and registered blog site. It's now officially with URL address Not anymore It's my first time to own a blog with my name on it.

Owning a website or blog site is like owning real estate property. That's why it's called an online domain with an address. You actually own a "property" on the Net and you "build" a house there, which is your blog, with structures and frameworks which are web templates. So now, I have a virtual residence, a house where I can secure my home. You'll find my home on the menu board. And you're all always welcome to visit.

Advantages of Owning Your Blog

Free blogs are good. I started with them and learned a lot about setting up websites and blogs using them. From scratch, I learned how to use website tools and templates and how to fix them to compose a site that has my imprint on it. Imagine how I did when I was jus…

Why Webinars are Something Else

Ever attended a webinar? It's an online seminar you attend in real time by simply accessing a website. It's amazing--you attend a seminar while in the comforts of home sitting comfortably in front your desktop, laptop, or what-have-you. But you feel the presence of hundreds or thousands others in the webinar like all of you were in the same lecture room.

Can you imagine that? You skip the hassles of waking up early to beat the gargantuan traffic ahead just to make it on time to the seminar. All you have to do is wake up, wash your face, take your breakfast to your desktop, switch on your PC and "attend" the seminar. My dad didn't see this. He would've marveled and preferred it over traditional seminars. He was often invited as speaker to journalism seminars.

Actually, when we were kids, we had imagined something like this. Remember? When we played hi-tech, sci-fi imaginary games, we had come across this idea in our thoughts--communicating with people far awa…

Simple Push-Ups for a Muscular Body by June

You want to be a bit athletically muscular by next school year? Start these simple push-ups now and do it daily for a chance to be fitter by month of June. It worked for me in 2 months before. It might work for you, too.

First Step: Position yourself on the floor for a regular push-up. The only difference is, you put your hands a bit closer together, about 7 to 8 inches gap between your thumbs. Feet together, push yourself further up with your tummy also fully raised up. Stomach in. This is your beginning position. Make sure no part of your body slouches.

Second Step: Bring your body down, your chest touching the back of your hands in front of you. Inhale while doing this.

Third Step: Push your body up as far as it can go, with your tummy with it. Don't let your stomach area slouch. If possible, push your tummy higher. Exhale as you do all this. Then repeat steps one to three.

Do 4 sets, with 30 repetitions each set. Meaning, do 30 or more push-ups (do them slowly and make sure you …

K to 12? Is that What Our Kids Really Need? Or Are We Barking Up the Wrong Tree Again?

When you let technocrats run government, they often come up with amazing things that bark up the wrong tree. They impose heavy tax policies on the poor and working class but let the billionaires go scot-free. They penalize new car owners with late registration when it's LTO and car companies that are to blame. They get strict with private schools but look at the sorry state of public schools.

And now they think of extending school days to improve education when what kids really need are more decent classrooms and facilities and better teachers.

I notice how most people today are just after titles--they want PhD degrees as if titles and positions are the solutions to our problems. I saw one government office where every employee is a PhD holder. Wow! But is that government office doing a good job? NO. In fact, it's among the incompetent government agencies I know.

And now there's the K-to-12 program which is supposed to improve education in the country. They think the adde…

What You Need to Know about Weight Loss due to Flu

Have you noticed how while having a bout with influenza or the flu, you easily lose weight? When the weather changes--cold to hot or hot to cold, wet to dry or dry to wet--that's when the flu virus seems more active and pervade. You need to drink lots more water or fresh juices.

Why do you lose weight during a bout of flu?
Your appetite is often affected, so you eat less.Body and mental stress burns up fat.Loss of fluidExcess perspiration during recuperation periodFrequent body chills doubly burn up fat Thus, it's sometimes wonderful how you lose weight and slim down after a bout of flu. To people who find it hard to lose weight, this is good news. But not for long. Remember, the weight loss here was due to an ailment. Once your body starts recuperating, it needs nutrients to recover. Your appetite recovers as well and you start craving for food. If you don't watch out, you may end up gaining more weight than how you weighed before the flu set in.
I've watched folks wh…

Cartoons and Comics Make Your Imagination Soar: A Summer Escapade

They're gone. I and my dear wife often wonder where have all the Tagalog comics gone? And the rare few I see around cost so much that Tagalog comics have ceased to be reading materials for the masses.

It seems everything around us are designed for the enjoyment of foreigners. You see English comics a lot but no Tagalog comics for the masses. Even schools plan to start classes on rainy days to consider schooling schedules abroad. Hotels and resorts are all priced for foreign tourists (and it's just incidental that some local tourists manage to afford them).

Well, at least they're "Tagalizing" English movies on TV, so you can credit that as a move for the masses, though I seldom like them.

But I wish they'd put Tagalog comics back in circulation and very affordable again for us ordinary folks. Comics help your imagination soar and it's during hot summers like this that their value is easier appreciated. Imagine--reading stacks of Wakasan, Hiwaga, or Liwayw…

How Successful Online Marketers Make Money

Okay, first things first. This is NOT about MLM or network marketing. Are you still on?

In my online existence, I've come to know 5 guys who really make BIG money online and they've been serving as mentors to me. They email me regularly to coach me on how to master this trade--I'm intent on making this a real, serious career for me. I'm always so excited about it.

Each man has a career he loves till death. And if he gets God's will for him, God gives him a wife that fully supports him in his career all the way. My wife is like that. And she sees to it that I become successful in my career because she realizes my success is hers, too. And I'm serious with online marketing through blogging, second to inspirational blogging.

My mentors taught me 7 ways to be successful with marketing-blogging, and the good news here is, it's a good prospect even for non-writers. You think you're not a writer but you want to make money legitimately online? Then marketing-b…

It Still Puzzles Me: Why Jesus Chose to be Son of a Poor Carpenter

HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. It's all over the Old Testament--God blesses people who serve him--spiritually, physically, and materially--especially materially. We're all familiar (even network marketers know this today) with Deuteronomy 8.18--"But remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today." The bible has lots of verses to this effect.
In fact, it was precisely why God got them out of Egypt in the first place--for prosperity reasons. God got them out of bondage to slavery and poverty to bring them to a land flowing with milk and honey and where there was plenty of iron and copper and other precious metals and stones. God's image was one who prospered his chosen ones.
But why did Jesus choose to be son of a poor carpenter? Wouldn't it serve his words better if he had come from at least a well-to-do family? Wouldn't it prove God's image of p…

Saved But Not Discipled

HISGROUP DISCIPLESHIP. You may be one of them--believers who are said to be saved but not discipled. They don't buy the idea of being discipled or "controlled," they just want salvation and attend a church where they hear Sunday sermons and give their tithes, if any. But discipleship is a definite no-no to them. They may send their kids to a "discipleship" program to keep them busy in church than mingle with non-believers--but not they themselves.

There's just one problem with this outlook: all the believers in the New Testament were called disciples. No one was called a church member--there was no membership then, the kind that they have in church denominations today. So, if you just want to be an attending church member, where do you put yourself in Jesus' genuine church system?

A disciple is not just a believer, in the sense that the word "believer" is used today. A believer today is anyone who fears hell and doesn't want to end up the…