Friday, April 24, 2015

HOW TO GET BETTER AS YOU AGE: Don't be Outdone by Wines
Wines know the right principle--the better they get as they age. Why can't people see that? Are wines better than people? Definitely not. But we often choose to just take this wisdom for granted. Look at Moses and Caleb. They got the principle right and never got old as they aged. In fact, they looked better. 

Listen to this and learn something: "The aging of wine is potentially able to improve the quality of wine," says Wikipedia. Aging improves. See that? Are you getting a revelation here? God did not design aging so we can deteriorate. If he designed aging to better wine quality, how much more us? 

It's like, "If God clothes the grass of the fields which is here today and burned tomorrow, how much more us?" Of course, sin destroys. But that's exactly why God wants us holy and why he makes it possible through Christ. Grapes get wrinkled and rotten in time, but God can make them better through the aging process he provided. He provided holiness to work the same results for us.

So, how do we get better as we age? First, we get simple principles from how wines are aged. They are kept in oak barrels for years. It doesn't happen overnight. You need to keep wines in barrels or in their special bottles for years. To give them better quality, they're kept in the dark at least 5 years. 

Jesus' whereabouts during ages 12 to 30 are unknown. In effect, he was kept for 18 years to "age." At the right time he was released and he turned out the best quality "wine," like the one he created in Cana where he did his first miracle. 

Moses was kept in the desert for 40 years before he was released to best Pharaoh in a contest. Egypt's wine against God's wine. Pharaoh was placed in luxurious, "prosperous" environment, while Moses in near poverty, serving as Shepherd to Jethro (like being kept in a dark place to age well). Guess who came out winner? When God released him, he came out the best quality wine. 

The thing is to spend quiet times alone with God "in the dark," as it were, and to do it regularly for years. But the problem is, most church people just want to do church for the glamour and ignore spending quiet times with God because it cannot get them applause and recognition. 

If we stick with God as Jesus did, our design is to get better--in spiritual and intellectual maturity and physical health as we age--not get rotten as we grow old. 

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