Thursday, July 9, 2015

BENDING BAR: Middle Income Muscle Developer and Fat Burner
Most middle income people cannot afford steel weight plates, weight bar and weight training bench. More so a gym membership. All we can afford is what we can make do at home--improvised barbells (of concrete) and horizontal bar, Even an improvised steel weight training bench is something beyond the reach of a middle income budget.

So what I bought, aside from making my concrete barbells and improvised pull-up bar, is a bending bar or bending spring bar. Aside from being effective and easy to bring anywhere you are, it's cheap. I started training with a bending bar in high school to develop muscle power, on to college and up to the present. It's among reasons why I developed lightning speed and powerful martial arts punches.

With a bending bar, you can develop the following muscle group:
  1. Arm muscles (biceps and triceps)
  2. forearms
  3. Chest 
  4. Back (especially for a V-shape body)
  5. Shoulders 
  6. Abs
  7. Leg muscles
Use a bending bar to develop your:
  1. Grip, forearm, arm and wrist strength (for punching power).
  2. Grabbing and pulling.
  3. Arm lock
  4. Leg stance
For various bending bar techniques that really work (and which I did), just watch the video:

With discipline and persistence, it's easy to tone up and develop your muscles with a simple bending bar. You can even use it to burn some fats to develop your abs. It's ideal for cheap health and fitness with middle income budget. To buy one and have it delivered, visit this link.

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