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Are You Toxic?

When your body is acidic it's toxic--meaning, it produces lots of toxins that can harm your health. So, Are you toxic? How do you know you're not one?


If you are a relaxed and cool person, chances are you're not acidic. Stress is the foremost acid producer in your body. If you are too stressed out, you're probably toxic--and that's bad news for your health. You have to get rid of your toxicity and not even healthy food and workouts can save you if you are stressed out.

What you need is relaxation, peace of mind and joy--aside from healthy food and workouts.

Here are some signs that you are toxic:
Always with a bad temperStressedIrked by the smallest things (easily irritated)Unable to smile naturallyCan't laughCan't let go of frustrations and disappointmentsCan't sleep wellEats in a hurryCan't stop a while to appreciate life and your surroundingsPoor prayer lifeToo meticulous about detailsLack waterLoves eating meatIdle or dormant Often ask y…

Why Bother with Patola?

Not too many people are familiar with patola. Why bother with patola? they wonder. I've asked several young people about it and some of them didn't even know what it was. They thought I was referring to upo, which also didn't appeal to them. Worse, someone asked, "You mean the movie about the provincial cop?"

But don't belittle patola or Ridge Gourd. Some call it Sponge Gourd because its insides can be used as a cleaning sponge when dried. Thus, if eaten, it can effectively clean or scrub your digestive system.

Aside from being an ideal colon cleaner and detox veggie due to its excellent fiber content, it is said to be rich in Vitamin C, riboflavin, thiamin, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Best of all, I love how it helps smoothen your bowel movement. Having problems with constipation? Then eat more patola. I love mixing it in noodles (pancit miki) or with miswa soup. You can also use it in lieu of papaya when cooking tinola. This you simply have got to try!

And …

What to Eat During a Tropical Typhoon

No work and classes today not because there's a strong typhoon north of Luzon but because it's Ninoy Aquino Day. The skies are dark and cloudy and strong prevailing winds are felt--but rains just burst now and then. It's a wonderful weather, a very fine day, really.

So, my wife and I went out to buy breakfast and lunch. We decided papaya, Milo and pandesal (Filipino favorite bread) were ideal for breakfast and dried and smoked fish (tuyo and tinapa) with delicious fried eggs were perfect for a rainy lunchtime. Oh, my wife cooked perfectly delicious fried eggs and fried rice.

We're anticipating a sumptuous lunch.

Now and then, you may indulge in food like this. The selections mentioned above are heavy in carbs, protein and sodium--and the smoked fish has some unhealthy preservatives on it. Don't eat these selections everyday, but you may have them now and then, especially if your budget doesn't allow you many options. That's cheap health and fitness with mi…

Why Eat More Cheap Sayote

Sayote (chayote or mirliton) often come cheap, and if they become a bit more expensive for some reason, they're still cheaper compared to other vegetables. I often saute sayote in garlic and onions and then boil it with enough water. I also add in cubed tofu.

Tastes sweet and luscious.

And do eat it often. It gives you lots of health benefits. A special mention is its aglycone flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidants. Or simply its antioxidant compound. It helps scavenge destructive free radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS that can lead to faster aging, cancer and other deadly diseases.

Sayote is also a good source of Vitamin B complex, folate which is vital in cell division and DNA health. It also helps pregnant moms prevent neural tube defects in their newborn babies.

Moreover, being a root crop, sayote is a good source of riboflavin, minerals like iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and copper. You get a good amount of thiamin and pyridoxine.

Imagine getting all that from a …

Why Beware of Fitness Fads

Why beware of fitness fads? First, fads come and go. You can never count on them. I mean, most fads come because some businesses need to earn big initial profits. Later, people discover that they're not that effective and replace them with new fad products.

The same cycle happens--effective for a while and then not so effective anymore.

What I recommend is to stick with simple organic fitness routines--workout, eat balanced, eat natural, relax and have fun.

It's the natural movement of marketing--now and then they come up with a new product, a new gimmick. It doesn't really help much--often they have the same ingredients as what old products have--but they highlight an ingredient (or invent a so-called "super" ingredient) and then do extra promotion on it.

They usually hire models who are already fit and healthy (not due to the benefits of the products promoted) and then make false claims and testimonies of how the models ended up with such fit bodies since they…

Why Patience Helps You Keep in Shape

Aside from helping you keep up with your workouts to keep in shape, patience also helps you maintain fitness in other ways.

Did you know stress or failure to manage your emotions (especially anger) could keep you from losing weight? Stress does that more than fatty food can. Genuinely happy folks (some people have the skill for looking happy while suffering inside, that's not what we mean here) who love good food can maintain good health and fitness.

There was a guy I knew who loved eating and lived a simple, happy life. He never once got overweight. Don't think he was free from life's problems. In fact, he was surrounded by difficult and some problematic folks, was everybody's errand boy, and never had enough money. But he was so patient. And he loved eating good food--well, he loved eating per se, enjoying even simple foods each meal.

I'm reminded:

The godly eat to their hearts' content, [Proverbs 13.25] He ate so deliciously even with simple meals that I lo…

How to Sustain Your Cheap Health and Fitness Financially

Though we concern ourselves with cheap health and fitness, we need to sustain it financially nonetheless. This is what most middle income people fail to do and the reason why their health and fitness is not sustained for long.

Let's face it--we middle income people have no extra budget for this, but this doesn't mean we can afford to neglect health and fitness.

In fact, it's more costly to neglect our health and fitness concerns than invest on it. If you keep yourself healthy and fit with exercise, diet, enough rest and natural health supplements, you spend less money than when you begin to get sickly and end up with a serious disease due to health and fitness neglect.

Being middle income should not be an excuse to neglect your physical well-being. There are cheap ways to do this but definitely you cannot avoid spending some money.

The smart thing to do is do something about the money you need to sustain it.

One way is to seriously do a small business. If you are intent o…