Thursday, August 20, 2015

What to Eat During a Tropical Typhoon
No work and classes today not because there's a strong typhoon north of Luzon but because it's Ninoy Aquino Day. The skies are dark and cloudy and strong prevailing winds are felt--but rains just burst now and then. It's a wonderful weather, a very fine day, really.

So, my wife and I went out to buy breakfast and lunch. We decided papaya, Milo and pandesal (Filipino favorite bread) were ideal for breakfast and dried and smoked fish (tuyo and tinapa) with delicious fried eggs were perfect for a rainy lunchtime. Oh, my wife cooked perfectly delicious fried eggs and fried rice.

We're anticipating a sumptuous lunch.

Now and then, you may indulge in food like this. The selections mentioned above are heavy in carbs, protein and sodium--and the smoked fish has some unhealthy preservatives on it. Don't eat these selections everyday, but you may have them now and then, especially if your budget doesn't allow you many options. That's cheap health and fitness with middle income budget for you.

So, dinner table is ready with the steaming hot fried rice and fish and eggs--with matching vinegar dip and red hot chili. Plus, my favorite steamed talbos or camote tops with a dash of vinegar and some chopped tomatoes.

On top of everything, you eat with bare hands.

This is the best way to spend lunch when you're in Manila and there's a tropical typhoon raging.

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