Sunday, November 8, 2015

How Healthy is Oatmeal?
I love oatmeal any time of day. It's best for breakfast but I eat it anytime I feel hungry--that is, if there's any oatmeal around. If you feel like snacking, oatmeal is among best.

And it's cheap!

A kilo would probably cost you around P70 in Manila. And how many cups of oatmeal would that make? Oatmeal would help you keep up with your cheap health and fitness with middle income budget.

You may try instant oatmeal if you're always in a hurry, but some health experts prefer whole grain oatmeals you have to cook before eating. Because I work at home online, I have time to cook. I'm seldom in a hurry with life and that's how I prefer to live. As much as possible, I stay away from instant, so busy and rush.

I love my big bowl of oatmeal with lots of fruits on top--bananas, melons, papaya, kaimito, or strawberries if there are any around. Then pour on some milk and that's it. You can blend the whole thing, too. I seldom put sugar in my milk.

But, is oatmeal really healthy?

Being whole grain, oatmeal helps you prevent deadly diseases like high blood pressure, heart problems and type-2 diabetes. Oatmeals are said to be rich in lignans which are plant chemicals that help prevent heart diseases.

What makes oatmeal a big hit for my fitness is its rich fiber content. When something is high in fiber, it helps keep a healthy digestion. Prevents colon cancer, too. Moreover, it keeps your stomach feel full for a longer period of time--so you won't have to feel hungry again sooner than you need to.

So it makes you eat less.

Plus, whole grains like oatmeals also have magnesium, iron, and the B vitamins.

Just make sure to buy "whole grain" oats. Some instant oats may contain high sodium and sugar but low on fibers.

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