Thursday, November 19, 2015

This One Thing May be Killing Your Brain (Or How to Detox Your Brain)
You should be detoxifying your brain, or else you're setting it up for the worse. A lot of folks don't realize it, but there's one thing in their lives that make them kill their brains--and it's something worse than the brain-devouring zombies I saw in one scary movie.

What is it?

Lack of sleep.

Believe it or not, this one, almost harmless-looking thing has been responsible for a lot of brain diseases, among them Alzheimer's, health experts say. And sleep is not just about the brain.

Look at these facts on restful sleeping:
  1. It recharges your overall body system. 
  2. It refreshes you like nothing on earth can.
  3. It decreases stress hormones.
  4. It lessens fatigue.
  5. It protects the brain from toxicity and damage.
The fifth benefit is quite interesting.

One study done at the University of Rochester Medical Center discovered how the brain does its natural detoxification of harmful wastes acquired during the day with sleep.

A good sleep enables your brain to pump spinal fluid to your brain. This fluid flushes out wastes from your circulatory system and sends them to the liver for permanent disposal.

But this process is so exhaustive or rigorous to be done in the day time when you are already active and using up a lot of energy. So the brain does it at night when you sleep and use almost zero energy. This way, a lot more amyloid-beta (plaque or clogging containing protein that can lead to Alzheimer's) are removed, researchers found out.

So, make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep each night.

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