Monday, January 11, 2016

Climate Change to Worsen in PH in 2016? Here's How to Protect Your Health Against Extreme Climates
PAGASA announced on TV early this year that February and March are going to be "very hot" months due to worsened El Nino conditions.

El Nino is supposed to be a terrible dry spell caused by climate change, although PAGASA is sometimes proven wrong about its predictions.

But whenever it's wrong, I don't complain. I just thank God--and perhaps make a little joke about it.

However, a lot of other reports point to the accuracy of PAGASA's forecast.

And when things like a terrible dry spell or sudden weather change happen, most people easily succumbed to ailments, like the common cough and cold--though if left as a "common" sickness, it may lead to the flu, which no one likes.

So, if climate change is going to worsen, you may be wondering about how to protect your health against extreme climates--and most especially the health of your loved ones, of course.

Here are some proven tips:

1. Drink more water. Our bodies are some 60 to 70 percent water. So, if you get dehydrated because you always forget (or are often lazy) to drink enough, your body systems start malfunctioning. It can even cause death. So drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices. Fresh fruit juices hydrate and nourish you to give your immune system a better fighting chance against ailments. Drink more when going out.

2. Take natural health supplements. I take different kinds--MX3, Vital C or other sodium ascorbate brands, and others. I also take lots of cheap but fresh fruits in the morning (for my cheap health and fitness with middle income budget).

3. Take a bath daily. In hot weather, I sometimes bathe 2 to 3 times a day to keep my body cool and body temp normal.

4. Malls. When outside and I need to walk to places, I do it by walking through air-conditioned malls.

5. Look for sheds and shadows. When outside, I look for sheds and stay there as much as possible. Electric posts and wires above you cast shadows on the street. Follow them so the shadows cover your head and part of your body if you need to walk in the streets and find no sheds.

6. Always bring your umbrella. It's the best option.

7. Stay home as much as possible. It's better than the best option.

By the way, watch out for my upcoming e-book on my secrets to cheap health and fitness which are easy to do and maintain.

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