Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tons of Health Benefits You Miss If You Ignore Pineapples [Plus Super Fast Way of Peeling Them in Video]

Pineapple is among my top favorite fruits. I so love them especially when they're really ripe. Aside from their juicy fruitiness and rich fibrous texture, they're very high in Vitamin C when eaten fresh. They're also high in manganese. 

Pineapples are also among the best fruits for weight loss. Aside from it's Vitamin C fat burner, it gets rid of constipation which, if remain unchecked, can disrupt fat storage and regulation and store fat in the wrong places. Oh yes, pineapple is the best against constipation. I highly recommend it.

It has zero fats and cholesterol. and because it is high in fibers, you may eat enough to kill your hunger pains in-between meals. Eating it can easily make you feel full without adding to your weight. It is rich in potassium and (again) Vitamin C (I love reminding everyone about that). It also has a bit of Vitamin A, protein, sodium, some sugars (natural fructose), calcium and iron.

But mind you--always prefer fresh pineapples to canned ones. The canned ones almost only have fibers in them, nothing more, plus double the carbs and synthetic sugar in syrup--making you fat. That harms health more than promotes it.

According to LiveScience.Com, pineapples strengthen bones, promotes eye health, healthy digestion, fights inflammation (especially sinus and and common cold) and reduces blood clots.

I'd often eat fresh pineapples if I were you. It costs P30 in Manila per regular-size fruit. The smaller ones can cost around P10 to P20--the ones they sell along sidewalks which they peel right before your eyes. Ideal for your cheap heath and fitness with middle income budget.

And talking of peeling pineapples, Choy's Cut features this amazing new way of peeling them. My first time to see it done this way. Now I know. Watch the video:

And do watch out for my upcoming e-book on my secrets to simple and cheap fitness easy to maintain.

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