Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How You Waste Your Brisk Walks

FITNESS. It looks like more and more folks are jogging in our area each morning. And I also notice more joggers daily late in the afternoon.

That's good news. More health-conscious neighbors.

But the bad news is, you can be jogging and brisk walking daily for hours and yet waste all of it down the drain. How?

As I watched some of these joggers and brisk walkers, I noticed how they found it all a burden. One young lady, for instance, probably was pushing herself so hard trying to beat goals, her face was twisting and she groaned in pain as she passed me by.

Another guy looked like he was angry at the world  each time he brisk-walked past me.

So I started smiling at all the joggers I passed by and greeted them good morning. Some responded, but some looked at me like I was from another planet.

I appreciate Paul, my jogging "classmate" in our area. He jogs at a pace he's relaxed with and you'd see in his face that he's just enjoying his workout. Sometimes I see him run fast, probably trying to beat his usual pace so his lungs and heart would be challenged a bit, but then returns to his natural pace after and enjoys the run again.

Without the enjoyment factor, all your workout comes to naught. That's how you waste your brisk walks. What's the use if you're all stressed out and emotionally tensed?

A lot of joggers miss the beauty in their surroundings. They just jog and try to reach goals and punish themselves. I do it differently. I watch the trees and birds and the gentle sun and the blue sky on an early quiet morning. Sometimes, I stop to watch Mother Nature as I catch my breath, having just ran faster to challenge myself physically. You workout and relax and enjoy peace and quiet.

That's how your workout becomes really healthy. Brisk walking and jogging should be meditation.

Here's a running video you may get inspiration from:

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