Monday, May 9, 2016

So What If Ginger is Anti-Inflammatory? One Thing You should Know about Ginger
You take ginger ale when you have problems with your voice. That's what most folks think gingers are for---better voice quality.

Most of us don't know it's anti-inflammatory, too.

But so what if it's anti-inflammatory?

It means it's anti-pain.

In fact, says Dr. Josh Axe of Medical News Today, small amounts of ginger are more effective for reducing pain than taking painkillers and other pain medications most general practitioners prescribe today.

Got a headache or toothache and you're tired of medicines and their side effects? Try sipping fresh ginger drinks.

More importantly, ginger is best against intestinal or digestive inflammation. Moreover, it has prebiotics. Some fibers in it are pro-good bacteria.

You having problems with acnes or pimples? It's probably due to some digestive problems, too, says Axe. So, enjoying sips of ginger tea (or eating bits of ginger) now and then may also solve your acne problems as it solves your digestive health.

Nausea during travels? Eat some bits of ginger before traveling. Or apply some ginger essential oils.

Anyway, inflammation ailments are often those named with "isis" as suffix in them. Ginger tea is good, therefore, to fight against arthritis, gingivitis, sinusitis and other symptoms of inflammation like diabetes, Axe adds.

More on Ginger here by Dr. Axe:

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