Friday, August 19, 2016

Don't Let It Eat You
I know how life today is built-in with stress.

Like me---I work at home online and yet I also have to face up with a lot of stresses---stress with beating article deadlines, deciding what blog title to write about (I have 10 blogs), I cook meals, wash some clothes manually, and then help a lot of other people solve their problems (I've been a counselor and adviser for decades).

Then often, I have to clean the poo that our neighbor's dogs leave on our front.

Then there's politics.

I'm not a politician and I don't like to get involved with politics anymore (I used to be an activist), but I need to keep abreast of developments and write my opinions on one of my blogs. I used to be a journalist and I guess politics and the economy will always be among my blog topics.

Imagine all that stress!

But I just allow stress to stay a while. You need some good stress to keep the adrenaline up---adrenaline for workouts, thinking and writing. But I make sure I throw it all away right after.

I don't let it eat me.

It's like anger---the bible says be angry. Be angry if you need to . Even Jesus got angry. But you shouldn't stay angry all day. Sometimes I post angry stuff on Facebook, especially when I abhor abuses done against helpless people--like that poor kid that survived a bombing in Syria.

But after letting out my indignation I pray to God, pray for the victim and the culprit, cool down and relax---leave everything in God's hands---and go on with life.

The same with loneliness. After watching scenes of abuses against the helpless on Youtube, I feel sad. And then I feel lonely when other people seem to be indifferent about it. But I don't let that eat me. I pray for the situation and leave everything to God. If you want to conquer loneliness (even extreme loneliness), this e-book may help you. Click here to get a review.

You stay healthy that way. Remember, stress is often the root of all kinds of ailments. Be careful not to allow your free radical level go up a long time.

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